PPC for Tech Support – The Sunset and The Alternative

End of road for PPC for Tech Support

If you have been into tech support business, it’s the time to move on. Yes, admit it. That’s the ultimate fact now.

Google Ads stopped allowing ads for tech support on Google and on its Display Network inventories long ago. The primary reasons for the same were – the violation of trademark policies and misleading promotion methodologies. After Google stopped it, the entire tech support business started relying on Bing Ads and on those spammy popups and pop-under ads run through several low-quality ad networks. But now, with BingAds finally not allowing third party software and support promotion on its ad network, it’s the end of the road for tech support business.

There’s no surprise, it was to happen.

I have run tech support campaigns for hundreds of my clients from the very beginning of this business model and have managed thousands of calls in volume. It’s the end now. You should face it… Those pop-up ads will take you nowhere.

The Alternative and ethical business model…

A new business viz. travel ticketing – flight booking, upgrades and cancellation – is one of the most successful models at the moment. If you have your employees which you used to take tech support calls, can now be trained for travel processes.

The best part, AdWords does allow such businesses to advertise. I have been managing such campaigns for the last 6 months now. There’s potential, but to be honest, it won’t go longer on AdWords. Maybe 6 more months? The next option would be – BingAds.


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