Growth on mind? Want to scale up? Agency manipulating? Not sure what's right? Marketing not working? Leads/Sales are few? Conversion Rate sucks? CPA climbing up? ROI suffers? Not sure what's next?

Hire the digital marketing strategist.

Not the random campaigns, have data-driven strategies in place. 

Hello! I’m Ratan Jha. I help businesses grow by making them reach right people at the right moment online. 

Long story short, if you have a product or service, I will make it sell.

Ratan Jha
Google Ads Gold Level Product Expert

Doing it all right!

Digital Marketing
is pretty comprehensive.

And, it can be overwhelming!

For most businesses starting up or scaling, it can be overwhelming to find the right mix of digital marketing channels and to create the right set of strategies. 

Well, what we do is to help businesses cut the clutter and narrow down only to the audiences that are right for them.. 

It helps them get the laser-like focus to their core potential audiences which are more likely to convert.

In fact, I have helped over 560 businesses scale. You might know some of them as big businesses today. Would like to know more? Let’s connect.

Hire your very own

Digital Marketing Strategist,
with over a decade of expertise.

Marketing your business online shouldn’t be as difficult as starting it up in the first place. But, it becomes so until you find the right team to do it efficiently for you. 

Let’s face it. You can’t be doing everything yourself. And, if you do, you would agree that you might unnoticeably become one of the hindrances for your business growth.

When it comes to marketing, delegation to the right team is the first step to scaling your business to the next level.

Why? Because you can focus more on what you do the best.

No Vanity Metrics, Improve KPIs

The game is not simply about any metric, what matters the most is - your business goal.

Complete Transparency

You are the super admin. Have complete access to your accounts always.

No raising tickets, call us when you need

Getting support should be straight forward. Why raise a ticket and wait. We're only a call away.

Data-Driven Strategies

Marketing shouldn't be based on gut-feeling. Our approach is driven by data.

Tell us your challenges, we will help.

Let’s Talk. I will be happy to connect and take your questions. Tell us the challenges you are facing and you will have the solutions suggested. Don’t worry, it does not cost a penny.

Everyone is NOT your customer.

No matter what you sell or offer, your potential customers sit in a niche. They are the people with specific needs, interests, behaviours, and purchasing powers.

And, you can't make them your loyal customers with The Random Acts of Marketing. It will only drain your budgets.

Don't worry! There are better ways. All you need are thoughtful strategies executed with data-driven tactics.

Ratan JHA

Digital Marketing Strategist

PPC Advertising Services

Data-driven advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

Paid Search, Display, and Video

Ads across Google, Bing + Yahoo, YouTube, Gmail, iOS & Android Apps.

Google Ads

Google Ads Management services for any and every industry. No matter what product you sell or what service you offer, as long as it’s legitimate, we can help meet your advertising goals.

Opt for Google Ads Consulting or Google Ads Management service.

Bing ads Management

Don’t take Bing Ads as an alternative. If not for scale, be there to address additional touch-points like Bing, Yahoo & AOL search engines. Gaining extra exposure doesn’t hurt in marketing, does it?

Learn more about our Bing Ads Management services.

Ads On Social

Paid Ads campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Facebook Ads Expert

Make the most of advertising with Facebook Ads. Meet your goals effectively whether it is Branding, Engagement, or Conversion. Auction or pre-bought media, get the exposure you need at the right time.

Learn more about Facebook Advertising.

Instagram Ads Management

Instagram has a drastically different set of audience. What works on Facebook may not necessarily work there. Have campaigns driven by data, not by gut feeling?

Learn more about Instagram Advertising.

Linkedin Ads Management

Reach highly targeted decision-makers around the globe. Weed out irrelevance and grow beyond your network.

More about LinkedIn Ads.

Quora Ads Management

A worldwide audience of more than 300 million monthly unique visitors, Quora users are educated and knowledge seekers.

More about Quora Advertising.

SnapChat Ads Expert

Oh Snap! Millennials on mind? You can’t miss Snapchat Ads. When they say it, they say it loud. It’s now available in India too.

More about SnapChat Ads.

Need More To The Mix?

If you feel you need more touch points in for the customers’ journey, let’s talk about it. We will be happy to discuss it in detail.
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Digital Marketing Strategist

Who is Ratan Jha?

A Digital Marketing Strategist behind the success of 360+ brands in 36 countries.

You can rely on him for growth-focussed digital marketing strategies.

A rare blend of marketing, creative, and technical skills to understand not only what works but also how it works.

You can call +91 99719 19509 to talk directly to Ratan JHA?

Do you know?

  • There are only 90 Premier Partners for Google Ads in entire India, and Ratan Jha, Inc. is one of them.
  • Ratan Jha is one of 21 official Google Ads Gold Level Product Experts in entire English speaking world.

Customers Speak!

He did what promised. Our campaigns are more rewarding on the same budgets now. No increase in budget, yet we are selling 50% more than what we did previously. Imtiyaaz Ali, CMO,  Bangalore

Thanks to Ratan Jha, we got 250% increase in our conversions in the very first month. He knows what sells and how. Definitely recommended! A seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist, he is. Colinn Frost, Director, Kent

I would say he is a genius digital marketing expert. Don’t believe me. Find him in Google’s official communities and look at his thought leadership. He is amazing every time. Chelsea Noroji, Singapore

What is holding you back?

Not sure what’s that something which is keeping your business’ growth stuck? Be sure, it’s not competition, because competition does not only mean threats, it also means more opportunities. All you need is the right set of digital marketing strategies to convert your biggest challenges into opportunities.

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With over a decade of experience in online marketing, Ratan Jha can help you streamline your marketing efforts.

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