You know how comprehensive digital marketing is and how overwhelming it can be to find the right mix of marketing channels, create the right set of strategies, and implement them using the right tactics for your business to be specific? What works for others might not be working for you.

Well, what I do is to help businesses cut the clutter and narrow down to the strategies right for their businesses to be precise. It helps them get a laser-like focus to their core potential audiences which convert. In fact, I have helped over 250 businesses scale. You might know some of them as unicorn businesses today.

Doing it right with Digital Marketing Strategist!

Marketing your business online shouldn’t be as difficult as starting it up in the first place. But ironically, it becomes so until you find the right team to do it efficiently for you. Let’s face it. You can’t be doing everything yourself. And, if you do, you are going to become the biggest hindrance in your business growth. When it comes to marketing, or more specifically, digital marketing, delegation to the right person and the right team is the first step to scaling your business to the next level.

Why? Because you can focus more on what you do the best.

Guess what! You can find the right team of digital ads experts led by the digital marketing strategist with over 10 years of industry experience and expertise right here, right now. Let’s talk. Call: +91 99719 19509

What can I help you with? Here are some of the key services:

Google Ads Management

Google Ads

Google Ads Management services for any and every industry. No matter what product you sell or what service you offer, as long as it’s legitimate, we can help meet your advertising goals. Period.

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Facebook Ads

Make the most of advertising with Facebook Ads. Meet your goals effectively whether it is Branding, Engagement, or Conversion. Auction or pre-bought media, get the exposure you need at the right time.

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Facebook Ads Management

Instagram Ads Management

Instagram Ads

Instagram has a drastically different set of audience. What works on Facebook may not necessarily work there. Have campaigns driven by data, not by gut feeling?

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LinkedIn Ads Management

LinkedIn Ads

Reach highly targeted decision-makers around the globe. Get your word out with perfection. Weed out irrelevance and grow beyond your network.

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Twitter Ads Management

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ad offers unique targeting features to reach influencers and potential customers. Not just politics and current affairs, there’s much more that’s happening there.

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Amazon Ads Management

Amazon Ads

A lot goes behind the scene for a brand that rides success on Amazon Marketplace. Don’t frown or get frustrated, we are here to help. Contact us today.

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Snapchat Ads Management

Snapchat Ads

Oh Snap! Millennials on mind? You can’t miss actually Snapchat Ads. When they say it, they say it loud. It’s now available in India too. Get started today.

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Quora Ads Management

Quora Ads

A worldwide audience of more than 300 million monthly unique visitors, Quora users are educated and knowledge seekers. Yet humans who can be targeted with ads :).

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Reddit Ads Management

Reddit Ads

Harness the power of active and thriving communities with Reddit advertising. Reach out to the highly passionate and engaged groups of users worldwide.

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Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads

Don’t take Bing as an alternative. If not for scale, be there to address an additional touchpoint. Gaining extra exposure doesn’t hurt in marketing, does it?

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Did you know?

The continuous advancements in technology backed up by the increasing popularity of the internet are rapidly causing consistent shifts in consumer behaviours. Your potential customers are now equipped with more tools than ever before to research and make their buying decisions.

They hop from one channel to another and from one device to another on their path to purchase. Somebody who kicks into your conversion funnel from a search on Google today may end up making their final purchase decision watching a video on YouTube, browsing newsfeed on Facebook, viewing an Instagram Story from their favourite celebrity, reading emails in Gmail, writing comments on a blog post, or somewhere else. The journey is complex, isn’t it?

But there are opportunities as well. Now, you have more options to reach your potential customers, engage them and influence their consideration. All those different platforms, channels and devices are actually different touchpoints which you can use to attract and convert customers.

Customers’ Testimonials

Winning happy customers through expert PPC solutions and prompt support. Are you next?

He did what promised. Our campaigns are more rewarding on the same budgets now. No increase in budget, yet we are selling 50% more than what we did previously. Imtiyaaz, Bangalore

Thanks to Ratan Jha, we got 250% increase in our conversions in the very first month. He knows what sells and how. Definitely recommended. A seasoned AdWords Expert he is. Colinn Frost, Kent

I would say he is a genius AdWords PPC Expert. Don’t believe me. Find him in Google’s official communities and look at his thought leadership. He is amazing every time and everywhere. Chelsea Noroji