Growth on mind? Want to scale up? Agency manipulating? Marketing not working? Leads/Sales are few? Conversion Rate sucks? CPA climbing up? ROI suffers? Not sure what to do?

Hire the digital marketing consultant.

Say No to random campaigns, have data-driven strategies in place. 

Hello! I’m Ratan Jha. I help businesses grow by making them reach right people at the right moment online. Long story short, if you have a product or service, I will make it sell.

Ratan JHA
Google Ads Official Product Expert

Doing it right!

Digital Marketing
is pretty comprehensive.

And, it can be overwhelming!

Everyone is NOT your customer. No matter what you sell or offer, your potential customers sit in a niche. They are the people with specific needs, interests, behaviours, and purchasing powers.

And, you can’t make them your loyal customers with the Random Acts of Marketing. It will only drain your budget and cause frustrations.

What we do here is to help businesses cut the clutter and narrow down to the audiences that are right for them.

It helps businesses get the laser-like focus to the core potential customers that are more likely to convert.

In fact, we have helped over 800 businesses scale. You might know some of them as big businesses today.

Here's How We Can Help!

Data-driven, Performance-focussed digital advertising campaigns
across multiple platforms.

Ads Campaign
Setup & Management

Done For You! The perfect choice when you are looking to outsource your performance marketing to an efficient team:

  • Digital advertising and performance marketing campaigns across paid search, display, video, and social networks.
  • Full-funnel digital marketing strategies equipped with the latest innovations in the industry. From planning to execution to performance analytics.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) and Mobile App Marketing across Google, Meta, Apple, DSPs, and Affiliate Networks.

Address Every Touchpoint, Effectively​

Your Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert!

Lead generation, eCommerce, app installs & engagement, SaaS subscriptions, branding, paid social or anything else similar? Whatever your advertising goals are, we have you covered. 

Your dedicated digital marketing expert is here to set up and manage your campaigns effectively. Why spend in random plans when you can have strategically designed campaigns executed with proven tactics?

Digital Marketing

You Do, We Guide. Get the digital marketing consultant to help you manage your marketing. It's great choice when:

  • You work with an agency or freelancer, but want to add an expert perspective to your digital marketing strategies.
  • You have an in-house team for digital marketing, but you feel stuck, and not able to scale to the next level.
  • You need an expert digital marketing consultant to work closely with your team, do an audit, help fix things, be a guiding force on a regular basis or just one time.
  • You are a digital marketer yourself, or an individual owned small business and want to improve your digital marketing skills or simply want to brainstorm different aspects of a strategy.

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant?

It's a guided approach. Choosing our consultancy service is more suitable:

If you run a digital marketing agency looking to retain or scale up your clients​

Tried everything yet not able to scale up? A sudden drop in performance, don’t know why? On the brink of losing the client? We can help.

If your are a startup building your digital marketing team​

Get an expert opinion on digital marketing campaigns. Uncover hidden insights, get expert tips, and make the team more confident and your campaigns more rewarding.

If you’re a business owner managing your digital campaigns by yourself​

Need answers to whys? Not sure what to do next? Get expert help. Ask your heart out and improve your performance.

If you want to become an expert, looking to get mentors to have guided learning​

Not sure how a certain aspect of the campaigns works? Want to hone your skills further? Need a mentor to guide you through the journey?

Hire your very own

Digital Marketing Strategist,
with over a decade of expertise.

Marketing your business online shouldn’t be as difficult as starting it up in the first place. Ironically, it becomes so until you find the right team to do it efficiently for you. 

Let’s face it. You can’t be doing everything yourself. And, if you do, you would agree that you might unnoticeably become one of the hindrances for your business growth.

When it comes to digital marketing, delegation to the right team is the first step to scaling your business to the next level.

Why? Because you can focus more on what you do the best while your campaigns are supervised by an expert digital marketing consultant.

No Vanity Metrics, Improve KPIs

The game is not simply about any metric, what matters the most is - your business goal.

Complete Transparency

You are the super admin. Have complete access to your accounts always.

No raising tickets, call us when you need

Getting support should be straight forward. Why raise a ticket and wait. We're only a call away.

Data-Driven Strategies

Marketing shouldn't be based on gut-feeling. Our approach is driven by data.

Request A Custom Quote

Tell us the challenges if you are facing any with your marketing campaigns or the plans that you have to scale up. Take the first step in hiring the perfect digital marketing consultant for your needs.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Who is Ratan Jha?

Ratan Jha is the Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist behind the success of 780+ brands in 36 countries.

You can rely on him for growth-focussed digital marketing strategies.

A rare blend of marketing, creative, and technical skills to understand not only what works but also how it works.

You can call +91 99719 19509 to talk directly to Ratan JHA?

Do you know?

  • Ratan Jha is one of 21 official Google Ads Platinum Level Product Experts in the entire English speaking world.
  • He is recognized as LinkedIn’s Top Digital Marketing Voice
  • You are hiring a Google Ads consultant who is officially listed as Product Expert in Google’s official directory of experts.

Customers Speak!

He did what promised. Our campaigns are more rewarding on the same budgets now. No increase in budget, yet we are selling 50% more than what we did previously. Imtiyaaz Ali, CMO,  Bangalore

Thanks to Ratan Jha, we got 250% increase in our conversions in the very first month. He knows what sells and how. Definitely recommended! A seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist, he is. Colinn Frost, Director, Kent

I would say he is a genius digital marketing expert. Don’t believe me. Find him in Google’s official communities and look at his thought leadership. He is amazing every time. Chelsea Noroji, Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s always a team behind every great story. We are a team of highly passionate digital marketer consultants and strategists driven by performance. While Ratan Jha himself works at the strategic level, the execution and manual implementation are done by the team. Also, you speak to Ratan Jha directly in consulting and assessment sessions.

Performance marketing – Digital Advertising across different available platforms is our core offering. We do not offer SEO, Content Marketing or Email Marketing as stand-alone service, we do these only for the brands where we engage in delivering full-funnel online marketing solution.

We have a unique blend of marketing, MarTech, use behaviour, user experience and consumer psychology expertise which enable us to write success stories one after another. We do not only identify issues in your customers’ Path to Conversion, we also know the right fix.

Guarantee in an impractical word in the context of modern marketing. However, we always work with a projection for a quarter, 6 months, and the year ahead, and we achieve it in over 92% of the cases. We are proud of our great client retention rate, and it’s possible only when the performance is consistent.

That’s definitely on you to decide. Every digital marketing specialist, expert or strategist comes with a unique set of expertise. Schedule a free discovery call and ask your heart out, it will be easier for you to decide if you have found the right digital marketing consultant for your requirements.

Have more questions? We will be happy to take them.

Are we the good fit?

Yes, we would love to work with you if you are…

Our Clients
You are in good company.

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It’s often simple things that are the most powerful and decisive. Your simple hello can head it all in the right direction.

Let’s connect to discuss requirements and find the suitability of working together. :)

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  • What does a digital marketing consultant do?

    Digital marketing consultants are experts who help businesses navigate the complex online landscape. They assess your current digital presence, understand your target audience, and develop customized strategies to help you achieve your marketing goals effectively.

    A digital marketing consultant does a number of things, however the scope of work is defined by your own requirements.

  • Why do I need digital marketing consulting services?

    Digital marketing has a very comprehensive scope. A digital marketing specialist comes with an expertise in all aspects of marketing online, be in paid search, search engine optimization, social media, email or content marketing.

  • How to have best online marketing strategy for my business?

    It starts with hiring the right marketing specialist for your needs. Do not go for self-proclaimed marketing consultants, spend time talking to different specialists. Pose your unique business situation, ask for recommendations, check validations of expertise, and make the final selection.  Get a consultant who understands your business well. 

  • How to hire the best digital marketing consultant?

    As no marketing strategy is world's best, no digital marketing specialist is the best. Everybody develops a unique set of expertise based on their exposures in the career. For this reason, you should focus on hiring the right digital marketing consultants for your needs.

    If you ask how to hire the one, it starts with the communication, that's the key. Contact, talk, ask, analyze, understand, and decide. 

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