PPC for eCommerce Businesses

Strategic campaigns for e-commerce or shopping websites

PPC for eCommerce is different. Yes, whether you are a startup or an established business, Google Ads needs different strategies for shopping sites. Why? Because there’s a difference in advertising goals, customer intents and their purchase behaviour.

You have a different conversion funnel if you own an eCommerce business. Your potential customers and the way they search, research and buy online are not the same as in lead generation or in branding campaigns. As a result, if your conversion funnel is optimized according to your potential customers’ path to purchase, you will end up getting negative Returns On Advertising Spends (ROAS). Do you want that?

If not, I can help you with Google Ads Management and conversion funnel optimization so that you will be able to get the maximum Returns On Investment (ROI).

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Don’t spend aimlessly, every penny matters

If you have more money than you can actually spend, donate it to the needy. Over 32.7% of people in India are still below the poverty line. But do not simply throw it away through an ill-optimized Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

I may sound harsh here, but trust me, it’s how it is. A major percentage of online advertisers give up and look for alternatives after failing miserably because of poorly optimized ad campaigns. Hence, if you care for your business budgets and the lead generation expenses, give it a thought. You are an expert at your core business processes, but digital marketing is a different game. Let an expert handle it for you.

I will save you costs by creating, setting up, optimizing, and maintaining your advertising campaigns in an efficient manner. It will help you reduce costs and increase conversions.

Act Now! Do not let your marketing budgets get depleted without giving you a satisfactory extent of Returns On Investment. You are paying Google for every click, hence you deserve to get business from your spends. Every penny matters, yes every single penny!

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