Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is not meant only for chasing conversions, CPAs, and strict ROIs. It can do much more in today’s online world. More precisely, if you are a new-to-market brand, a brand launching new products, a brand promoting new store locations, an entry into the new market, or if you are eyeing increase in market share through a comprehensive brand awareness campaign, PPC is the answer.

How can I help if you run PPC for Branding campaigns?

  1. I can set up and run branding campaigns on the robust platform on Google AdWords targeting search, display, and video marketing channels.
  2. Ever run a branding campaign on Bing Advertising Platform? If not, do not give it a miss. I can create, customize, and manage ad campaigns on both Search and Content networking platform of Bing.
  3. Want to make your branding campaign more robust and targeted? You should not avoid Facebook Advertising platform. It’ growing every day. I will manage both organic and paid marketing channels on Facebook for your brand.

How you can measure the performance?

There are three easy metrics that I will set up for you to track. They are  –

Impressions –  It means the number of times an ad is served. Be aware that every one of your ads impression attracts new eyeballs – the potential customers. In simple terms, the more impressions your ads have, the more awareness you create.

Clicks – Clicks are not meant for sales and conversions only. For a branding campaign, a click means a visitor to the landing page. Every informed visitor on your website is an asset for referral or word of mouth marketing.

Return vs New Visits – When it is about leads or conversions, a returning visitor may prove to be more meaningful. But for a branding campaign, the newer is the better. Every new visitor means your brand is getting its presence spread.

How much do I charge? My charges for setting up and maintaining PPC Campaigns depends on your total monthly PPC spends.

For a monthly advertising budget lesser than 3 Lakh or $5K

  • Rs 25,000 + GST or $400 per month

For a monthly advertising budget between above Rs 3 Lakh or $5K

  • 7% of the monthly advertising budget + GST

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