Google Ads Audit Report

Uncover problematic areas of your Google Ads Campaigns! Learn the right strategy for scaling up. Get a detailed Audit Report that tells you where to work!

Actionable Optimization Tactics

  • Structural Issues: Working with a poor structure of campaigns can be unnecessarily complex. Learn if you need to work there and if yes, how?
  • Campaign Mix: Are you using the right campaign mix to achieve your business goals? Get actionable insights.
  • Optimization Tips: Get Campaigns, Ad-groups and Extensions optimisation check-ups and helpful tips.
  • Keywords Portfolio: Keywords refinement or portfolio enhancement if there is a need.
  • Ad Copies: Ads writing tips for better overall performance.
  • Analytics: Tracking check-ups and suggestions on how to fix them up.

No matter what industry your business is in, or what products or services you sell, this Audit Report for your Google Ads campaigns will help you subject your advertising budget well. 

Moreover, it will head you in the right direction of scaling up.

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Not Just Pinpointing, Get the Solutions…

This Audit Report for Google Ads will list all the optimization issues hampering your performance, and at the same time will guide you with the right strategies.

NO generic recommendations. Specific suggestions to meet your advertising goals. 

  • Get customized optimization strategies and suggestions specific to your ad campaigns.
  • Above all, it’s not like an automated tool that checks your campaigns based on pre-defined scripts. Marketing is still not that easy where strategic optimizations can all be automated. It needs manual checks. And, so is this audit report, 100% manual checks and suggestions.

Our Google Ads Audit Report will guide your campaign optimization strategies in the right direction.

Fix your campaigns and optimize performance for the better.

  • If you manage your campaigns yourself, our Google Ads audit report will uncover the areas which you might have missed looking at or you are not very confident about.
  • If an agency or expert manages your ad campaigns, this audit report will tell you if your campaigns are in the best hands. It will give you additional insights which will help you maximize your returns from the campaigns.
  • And, along the way, there will be a lot of learning.

Audit Reports are most suited if you work on the campaigns yourself or your team works or you have hired an agency to work for you.

Get Started To Fix Your Campaigns.

Customers' Speak!

We have delivered over 500 Google AdsAudit Reports to small businesses, big enterprizes, and digital marketing agencies.

The audit report was a life saver. Now we know, why we shouldn't be doing everything ourselves. Thanks, Ratan.
Owner, Bakery Chain of Stores
Took a week to implement optimizations suggested. Got worried, then from next week, sales improved by almost 90%. Great work!
Marketing Manager, eCommerce Brand
Thanks again, Ratan. You overdelivered! Happy we found you in the right time. We could have lost those accounts.
Mohit Khurana
CMO, Digital Marketing Agency

$350 $135 USD Only (Limited period offer)

Frequently Ask Questions

Some of the common questions which we often get asked.

We ask for a maximum of 72 hours for the delivery of your Audit report. Note that it’s a completely manual review which is bound to take at least this amount of time.

It’s delivered to your email address in the PDF format.

Audit Report will have the brief details on everything. However, you will get a one-to-one call with Ratan Jha with this Audit Report. On the call, he will explain strategies and tactics for to make advertising campaigns more rewarding.

At the same time, he will be open to your questions.

Yes, if you cancel your order by writing an email to us within 24 hours of placing your order, it will be cancelled and your money refunded.

Yes, that’s made available on request. Contact us for more details.

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