Google Ads Audit Report

Uncover and fix the problematic areas of your Google Ads Campaigns!

Get a detailed Google Ads Audit Report.

Get your campaigns audited on over 55 parameters, best practices, and winning optimization strategies. 
Get clear and specific suggestions to improve your campaigns’ performance manifold. Optimize for the right performance signals.

A detailed Audit Report that tells you where to work?

  • Know if your campaigns’ structure needs to be redefined for better management and performance?
  • Get Campaigns, Ad-groups and Extensions optimisation check-up and helpful tips
  • Keywords refinement or portfolio enhancement, if there be need
  • Ads writing tips for a better overall performance
  • Tracking check-ups and suggestions on how to fix them up

Not just pinpointing, get the solutions…

  • Get customized optimization strategies and suggestions specific to your campaigns.
  • Above all, it’s not like an automated tool that checks your campaigns based on pre-defined scripts. Marketing is still not that easy where strategic optimisations can all be automated. It needs manual checks. And, so is this audit report, 100% manual checks and suggestions, no automation by a tool.

Our Google Ads Audit Report will guide your campaign optimization strategies into the right direction.

You will be able to fix your campaigns and optimize their performance for better.

  • If you manage your campaigns yourself, our Google Ads audit report will uncover the areas which you might have missed looking at or you are not very confident about.
  • If an agency or expert manages your ad campaigns, this audit report will tell you if your campaigns are in the best hands. It will give you additional insights which will help you maximize your returns from the campaigns.
  • And, along the way, there will be a lot of learning.

This Google Ads Audit Report costs INR 10,000 (About $130 USD) which you can pay via Stripe.

Looking for something else? Opt for our Google Ads Consulting or the Campaign Management Service to take your account’s performance at the next level.

Google Ads Audit Report

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