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Advertising on social media is not the same as it is on search with Google Ads or Bing Ads. The intent of the users on social network is different. 

When a user comes across an ad while browsing their Facebook Newsfeed, it causes an interruption. Now, the reason for interruption has to be bigger than the interruption itself. And, it can be achieved when you, as an advertiser, succeed in creating value for the user in question.

The value does not have to be monetary or something similar. It can be anything that makes something easier for the user. Easier to find products or services he or she is may be interested in? Yes, it works.

Now for this value proposition to work, you first need to reach the right segment of audience. Else, the proposition will fail and as it’s a cycle leading to the user finding value and taking action, the entire advertising strategy will fall apart.

That’s where advertising on social needs a sound strategy formulated and executed by an expert Facebook Ads consultant. 

Important about Facebook

→ Social is more about keeping your customers engaged and informed. 

→ It’s also a medium to tell your business stories to your potential customers.

→ Targeting does not happen by keywords here, it’s more about interests, behaviours, and demographics.

→ Facebook Ads lets you target Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network from the same web interface.

→ Track every important actions of your users on the ads, page, and on your website.

→ Then, it’s not just about engagement and listening, it’s also apt for leads, sales, and revenue.

How to get started?

  • Tell us a bit about your business and the Facebook Ads campaigns, if any
  • Let us analyze everything and come up with a proposal/audit-report for you.
  • Let’s talk once you have gone through the proposal. Ask any question you have.
  • Ready to start now? Arrange for the account accesses required.
  • Watch the performance improve. Get the reports on performance and call us as and when required.

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  • Ratan Jha is one of 21 official Google Ads Gold Level Product Experts in entire English speaking world.
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