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Advertising on social media is not the same as on Google search ads. The intent of the users is different. When a user happens to come across an ad while browsing their Facebook Newsfeed, it causes interruption. Now, the reason for interruption has to be bigger than the interruption itself. And, it can be achieved when you, as an advertiser, succeed in creating value for the user in question.

The value does not have to be monetary or something similar. It can be anything that makes something easier for the user. Easier to find products or services he or she is more likely to be interested in? Yes, it works.

Now for this value proposition to work, you first need to clearly define the right segment of audience your products or services are going to be relevant to. Else, the value proposition will fail and as it’s a cycle leading to the user finding value and taking action, the entire advertising strategy will fall apart.

Makes sense?

Well, Facebook has a huge potential for businesses of every size and industry. All it needs is clearly defined goals and campaigns aligned with a full-funnel strategy to achieve them.

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