Five Reasons You Should Start Advertising On Linkedin Right Away

Why LinkedIn Ads?

In general, what’s common about LinkedIn is that it’s a social media platform which helps you build professional portfolio and networks. It helps employers and recruiters reach out to the right candidates. And yes, for job seekers as well, it proves to be a platform to be on. From new college graduates to professionally experienced… Read more »

How To Improve Google Ads Impression Share? The Definitive Guide


Impression Share (IS) gives you a key insight into how your ads are doing in terms of your ads’ overall exposure. It answers the question – Are my ads showing up for the potential searches based on my current targeting and budget? To be precise, the question it answers is – What percentage of the… Read more »

Facebook Ads Help: Top 5 Facebook Ad Trends You Should be Ready for!

Facebook Ads help

It’s not news to anyone that Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there. That means you’ve really got to do well when it comes to your Facebook advertising. Facebook ads have a lot of power since nearly 1.5 billion people visit the site every single day. That’s a lot of people who could be seeing… Read more »

Here’s Why You Need To Hire an Expert PPC Consultant

PPC Consultant

Are you thinking about hiring a PPC consultant? If you are, you’re not alone. Plenty of businesses are using PPC consultants to convert leads online every day. But before you shell out the cash to hire one, you’ll need to know the benefits. Because you’ll have to spend money on the campaign itself, knowing why you need… Read more »

How to Write Click-Worthy Google Ad Copies

Google Ad Copies

Google ads reach 90% of internet users worldwide. Yes, you read that right. Isn’t that a commendable percentage? It shows the opportunity you have got as a business to market your products and services to your potential customers. But this fact is no more a secret. Every intelligent marketer knows it, as you do of course. It… Read more »

How to Create Google Ads That’ll Improve Audience Engagement in 2020

Audience Engagement

Setting up an advertising campaign is not an inexpensive venture. Whether you’re creating a holiday campaign or launching a new product, it makes sense that you’d want your ad campaigns to bring in sales. Google Ads are a great marketing medium. Nearly every person who uses the internet uses Google, so the ad reach is incredible. Google Ads… Read more »

How to Bring More Business to Your Site With Holiday Marketing

holiday marketing

Looking to grow your customer base and increase business during the holiday season? Good idea! This year, American’s are expected to spend nearly $721 billion (yes, billion) on holiday shopping. And, there’s a similar trend all across. What does that mean for you and your company? Well, it means that people are willing to shell out money… Read more »