Why is Google spending more than daily budget?

Is Google Ads profitable?

The actual spend for your Google Ads campaigns can be higher than the daily assigned budgets. If you are wondering why is Google charging you higher, here’s the answer –

On certain days Google Ads can spend upto twice (2x or 200%) of the daily budget for a campaign when it sees the likelihood of clicks and conversions is higher. In simple terms, when search traffic is higher or when Google predicts higher ROI for your ads, it can spend higher than the assigned daily budgets.

Similarly, when the likelihood is lesser or the search traffic is lower, it would spend less than the given budget on such days.

But, it won’t exceed the daily budget for more than 200% on a given day. If it happens to do that, you will get an overdelivery credit.

In a calendar month, the maximum you can spend for a campaign is your campaign’s daily budget multiplied by 30.4. Let’s take an example:

  • Say, your daily budget for a campaign is – $100
  • So the spend for the calendar month for this campaign won’t exceed $3040 ($100×30.4).

Why 30.4? Because that’s the average number of days in a month.

If Google happens to spend more than this, you will get an overdelivery credit. You can head to the billing section of your Google Ads account to check this credit.

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