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SnapChat Ads

It goes without saying that SnapChat has emerged as a promising social media phenomenon both for end-users and marketers. And, much recently, its advertising platform was open to Indian advertisers as well.

This platform, unlike Facebook and Instagram, achieves its uniqueness for two reasons –

  1. Age-segment of users who dominate the platform
  2. Its ability to allow the audience to interact with the content in a more interactive manner.

With 210 million users active daily, Snapchat clasps a great potential to gravitate a huge audience in a more engaging and fun way. It is no doubt a great platform to slingshot your business campaigns across the targeted users – the Millennials.

Snapchat offers various Ad formats to help you reach your audience. ‘Snap Ads’ are commercials that play between Stories as users browse their feeds. This format drives users to website, AR Lens and app store pages, all in one swipe.

Along with that, you can also engage Snapchatters in a series of Snaps with a sponsored ‘Discover’ title that falls abreast with popular content. Another feature Snapchat offers is ‘Collection Ads’ that showcase a series of products and give users a more frictionless way to shop and buy.

‘Geofilters’ are another effective way to measure and boost awareness and sales by region.

‘Sponsored Lenses’ create memorable moments while also developing an opportunity for users to interact with your brand. This happens by giving users the opportunity to play around and have fun with it. These sponsored lenses offer interactive moments with augmented reality experiences that let Snapchatters play around and share it with friends or other people by sending it to them.

So yes, if your target audience is between 18 to 35, you must have SnapChat ads in your advertising strategies.

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