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you can count on!

Over a decade of expertise. Managed over $140m in ad spending.

Over a decade of expertise. Managed over $140m in ad spending.

Official Google Ads Product Expert from India. Consulted 780+ brands and 52 digital marketing agencies in 36 countries. Let’s talk before you hire the Google Ads specialist.

Google Ads Official Product Expert

No Vanity Metrics, Improve KPIs

The game is not simply about any metric, what matters the most is your business goal.

Complete Transparency

You are the super admin always. Have complete access to all your accounts always.

Data-Driven Strategies

Marketing shouldn't be based on gut-feeling. Rely on an approach driven by meaningful data.

Always Around, Only A Click Away

Getting support should be straight forward. Why raise a ticket and wait. We're only a call away.

The Problem Statement.

Your PPC campaigns not working
the way you need them to?

Any PPC Advertising System, be it Google Ads (AdWords), Bing, Facebook (Meta), Twitter, or anything else, it does not work by itself. Nah, not even automations.

You need an expert to make it work for you.

Your search for the right AdWords Expert might end here. As a PPC expert recognized by Google‘s official Google Ads Community, I know what it takes to formulate and implement an efficient and winning pay-per-click marketing strategy.

Have questions in mind? Don’t keep them to yourself. Let’s talk. I will be pleased to connect, listen, and assist.

Things you should know

→ You can save a major part of your advertising spends if you have chosen an effective set of keywords.

→ You can dramatically increase your ads’ ranks and click-through-rate by making proper use of ad formats and by writing ad copies with clear intents.

→ Intelligent use of negative keywords can help you get more targeted traffic and can still save you hundreds.

Facts you shouldn't miss

→ You can reach over 90% of internet users worldwide by choosing to advertise with Google AdWords.

→ According to ComScore Google Ads spans over 2 million Display Network sites in the world.

→ You can drive immediate, relevant, and diversely targeted traffic to your website with Google Ads.

→ An experienced Google Ads expert can help you get more on the existing spends by optimizing your campaigns for better performance.

The Ideal Solution.

Not just random campaigns,
have efficient strategies​ that work

An efficient PPC advertising strategy does not aim merely impressions, ad positions, clicks, click-through rates, or other similar metrics, it aims to achieve higher Returns On Investment (ROI) for your business. Are you actually getting that already?

What is the use of advertising if it is not serving your business purpose well? After all, that’s what you are advertising for, aren’t you?

Do not waste your advertising budgets uselessly, have an experienced AdWords (now, Google Ads) PPC Expert work for you. Yes, I can make your every penny count. Why not connect with me and request a free quote →

Requesting a quote or contacting with your questions does not obligate you to hire us as your Google Ads specialist. So, feel free to reach out. Looking forward to connecting with you.

How to get started?

  • Tell us your advertising goals, current challenges, and the future scale up plans..
  • Let us analyze everything and come up with a proposal/audit-report for you.
  • Let’s talk once you have gone through the proposal. Ask any question you have.
  • Ready to start now? Arrange for the account accesses required.
  • Watch the performance improve. Get the reports on performance and call us as and when required.

Do you know?

  • Ratan Jha is one of 21 official Google Ads Platinum Level Product Experts in the entire English speaking world.
  • He is recognized as LinkedIn’s Top Digital Marketing Voice
  • You are hiring the Google Ads consultant who is officially listed as Product Expert in Google’s official directory of experts.

Customers Speak!

He did what promised. Our campaigns are more rewarding on the same budgets now. No increase in budget, yet we are selling 50% more than what we did previously. Imtiyaaz Ali, CMO,  Bangalore

Thanks to Ratan Jha, we got 250% increase in our conversions in the very first month. He knows what sells and how. Definitely recommended! A seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist, he is. Colinn Frost, Director, Kent

I would say he is a genius Google Ads  expert. Don’t believe me. Find him in Google’s official communities and look at his thought leadership. He is amazing every time. Chelsea Noroji, Singapore

What is holding you back?

Not sure what’s that something which is keeping your business’ growth stuck? Be sure, it’s not competition, because it simply means more opportunities. Yes, you should be ready to tap them. Let’s Talk.

7 reasons why you need
to hire a Google Ads Expert!

  1. Keyword research is a strategic and crucial process to your success
  2. Writing better ad copies comes from expertise and experience
  3. Efficient tracking setup requires technical expertise
  4. Winning campaigns need thorough analysis by an expert
  5. Landing page optimization relates a lot to your customers’ psychology
  6. Keeping up with the latest change and updates require time and efforts
  7. Performance monitoring, active tweaks, and filtering requires minute attention.

Why should you hire Ratan JHA?

  • Google Ads Specialist with an experience of over a decade
  • Recognised by leading industry outlets including Google itself as the Expert
  • Most importantly, I will listen to you and will be available whenever you need me.

Ready to get started? Request a free quote here →

Have got a few more minutes? Call at +91 99719 19509
Google Ads Product Expert

Our digital marketing strategies have helped and are helping businesses from different industries scale to the next levels. Why not be the next…

A startup, an established business, or looking to be the next unicorn? We can help.

Our Clients
Ratan Jha at Google Ads Product Experts Summit, Dublin, Ireland.

Define KPIs, Not the Vanity Metrics

Clicks, Impressions, CTR, etc., are important but not your ultimate business goals. 

A successful advertising campaign is not the one that gets the highest number of clicks with great CTRs. It’s the one that reaches its defined audience efficiently and achieves the set goals.

Hence, it’s important to identify the right set of metrics – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – even before the campaigns are planned.  

Next, you need a strategy in place. Can you risk building your dream house without a floor plan? 

And, we can help. 

We can help not only with the right strategy to meet your advertising goals, but also with the execution via the right set of tactics. 

Book a free consultation with your Google Ads expert today.. 

Questions you must ask before hiring your Google Ads Expert!

Will I have access to my Google Ads account?

Transparency is the key. A good Google Ads expert knows the ethics well. You should always retain access to your account, even if the agency created it for you. And, even after you stop working with them. If you don’t have it, there’s something fishy.

Will I get updates via call every week?

Reports are fine, but the actual progress and the status can be gauged in calls. Emails, flashy presentations and PDFs are vanity in this context. You should be able to ask your heart out.

Talk about your challenges and goals and ask for the relevant strategies.

It’s crucial to know your Google Ads Expert better before you hire. Everyone proclaims to be an expert today, asking questions will help you understand the expertise.

Certifications are not enough, ask for other validations for the expertise.

Check for the thought leadership in the relevant media outlets online, past clients, and references are the right things to ask for.

Tell us your challenges, we will help.

Still need reasons to select your perfect Google Ads Expert? I will be happy to connect and take your questions. Tell us the challenges you are facing and you will have the solutions suggested. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Some of the common questions which we often get asked.

Ratan Jha, Inc. and Ratan Jha Digital Pvt. Ltd. are headed by Ratan Jha. So, yes, there’s a team of handpicked experts trained by him only. However, he works at the strategic level on all the accounts, the manual implementation work is done by the team.

Working with us, you get the professionalism of an agency and the attention and availability of the dedicated expert.

Ratan Jha, himself, works at the strategic level on all the accounts – big or small. However, the manual executions are done by the team under his supervision.

Ratan Jha will be the direct point of contact. You can reach him directly for any query or questions. However, if you need an account manager, that’s possible too.

Once all the requested details have been given, it would take about 24 hours for the first set of campaigns to go live. 

Certain campaign types, like Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads etc. might take 3 to 5 days to go live if the product feeds need to be setup and the approval from the platform in question is required. 

Even when we setup your accounts, you are the Super Admin of all your accounts. There’s nothing to hide or manipulate on, you always have complete access to everything. 

You, the client. However, in certain cases, we too can pay to the platforms on your behalf. But, we want to keep it simple and transparent and don’t prefer the later.

No. We don’t charge you separately for every platform. Fees are not based on advertising platforms, it’s based on your overall marketing spends.

You get the Bi-Weekly report delivered to your email. You also have access to a reporting dashboard which you can access anytime to check the metrics of your choice. 

No, there’s no additional fee for the audit report. 

It depends on your existing accounts’ performance history. If there’s no history, the ideal length is 4 weeks. However, it can start from the next day as well. 

A Google Ads expert manages ads campaigns on the Google Ads platform. They identify relevant keywords, create targeted ads, help optimize landing pages, and take care of all other relevant aspects. By analyzing performance and making continuous adjustments, they aim to maximize ROI. 

Request A Free Quote!

Fill in the form below and tell us your requirements. We will get in touch with you with the requested details at the earliest. Thank you!

  • Why Hire A Google Ads Expert?

    The Google Ads Expert comes with a set of experience and expertise which you and your business will be benefited of.  A Google Ads specialist is equipped with the thorough understanding of the Google Ads platform, including keyword research, bidding strategies, campaign structure, conversion tracking and much more. An expert knows the nuances that can make or break your ad campaigns.

    You can avoid the steep learning curve of Google Ads, save time, and improve your performance by hiring an expert. 

  • When To Consider Hiring A Google Ads Specialist?

    Limited in-house knowledge: It is one of the primary reasons for hiring a Google Ads expert. If no one on your team has Google Ads expertise, an expert will be very helpful in setting your business up for success.

    Complex Campaigns: If you're running large-scale, particularly technical or complex campaigns, an expert can ensure everything runs smoothly.

    No Time to Manage: If you don't have the bandwidth to consistently monitor and optimize your ads, a dedicated Google Ads expert can offload this task for you and can ensure that your advertising goals are always met effectively.

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