Quora Ads Management

Quora, no doubt, is one of the most understated online platforms today. Don’t take it as another question and answer website. Shift your perspective to think about it like a platform where people come seeking solutions to their problems. The real problems that need real solutions. It changes everything, doesn’t it?

Now, you will visualize Quora as a destination where a good number of people are looking for what you exactly offer, but with a twist. Let’s say – you sell laptops. Here you won’t find many people who are asking where to buy and why exactly to buy so that you can tap them directly with your offers. But you will find a large number of people here who need help narrowing down the top 10 or top 5 or top 2 of the choices they have made. They need good reasoning to make their final selection.

If you jump in the conversation to help them, the impact is far fetched. Even if the person asking the question did not convert on your ideas and reasonings, your explanation stays there forever for people with similar questions to land and get help from. That’s the beauty of Quora.

However, you can’t be posting your answers to every question, can you? That’s the challenge. But, there’s a solution.

Quora’s advertising platform!

Yes, it takes the pain away and lets you target all such users more efficiently. Not just that, it lets you promote your question so that it can reach even to the threads where you have not posted direct answers to.

Quora has a large engaged user base with a worldwide audience of more than 300 million unique visitors monthly. Thus, it’s definitely one of the key touchpoints your brand should be available at.

Quora offers a variety of targeting options that allow your ad to be targeted to the right user at the right time with the right message. Users on Quora demonstrate high intent on the content they browse, and the profiles created on Quora are based on their real identities in general. It lets your brand reach potential customers in a better way.

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