Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Calculator

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) simply means the average cost that you pay for an acquisition. Acquisition here means your conversion.

Putting it into simple terms, every time your advertising goal is achieved, you have a conversion. Now, these goals can be – sales, leads, newsletter signup, ebook download, or any other action that you set as your advertising goals.

CPA Calculator

CPA tells you how much are you spending for a Conversion on an average. If you are looking to calculate CPA for your advertising campaigns, you can use the following CPA calculator to do it easily:

How does this CPA Calculator Work?

When you divided your total cost by the total number of conversions that you have got, you get your Cost Per Acquisition. This form does exactly that. However, if you do not have the cost data but you know the number clicks and the Average Cost Per Click (CPC), this form finds your total cost by simply multiplying the CPC with the number of clicks.


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