Google Ads Consultant

An expertise of over a decade. Thousands of campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other digital marketing platforms.

Consulted over 780 brands and over 50 digital marketing agencies in 36 countries. If you want to scale up and make your campaigns work, you can rely on our expertise.

Google Ads Consultant
Google Ads Consultant
Official Google Ads Product Expert

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Own the hours. Ask your questions about Google Ads Facebook Ads Organic Search Content Marketing Email Marketing Digital Marketing

Take the guesswork out. Dive deeper into your marketing campaigns. Get into the Why’s, What’s, and How’s?

Own the hours and ask questions that trouble you the most. Get in-depth insights. Know where and how your digital marketing campaigns can be optimized for an improved ROI. 

Learn what metrics to actually focus on and what to sideline… build a strategy to scale up.

Who is it for?

Our Digital Marketing consulting sessions are the best fit for:

Why Do You Need A Consultant?

Get an expert’s point of view on your advertising campaigns and overall marketing strategies. Working with the same thing over and over again, you tend to form biases with your data and optimization strategies. Picking an expert consultant’s mind you can uncover the overlooked and remove biases.

Also, it is important to understand that Google Ads, Facebook (Meta) Ads or any marketing platform, per see, have changed a lot in recent years. They won’t work by themselves. Automation is fine, rather it is great, but when to use it and to what extent is really critical.

We will help you identify the ailing points and do the remedy right in the nick of time. 

We will help subject your advertising spending well.

So, why struggle? Get the real worth of your or your clients’ every penny spent.

Book a consulting session today.

What to expect from consulting

What to expect?

Let’s set the expectations right! The consulting sessions will help you identify and ailing areas in your marketing strategies and at the same time, will help you do the right fix. 

Whatever may your goal be, you will have a noticeable performance difference after applying the suggestions given in the consulting calls.

  • Get relevant traffic and filter out the irrelevant ones
  • Get your marketing spends subjected well
  • Improve the efficacy of your paid and organic campaigns
  • Identify issues in the customers path-to-purchase and do the fix.
  • Define and improve the right KPIs
  • Improve your Returns On Investment (ROI) and Returns on Advertising Spends (ROAS)
  • Implement a full-funnel marketing strategy to address all potential touch points in your customer conversion journey.
Google Ads Product Expert

Google Ads Consultant
for any or every kind of business

No matter what kind of business you are in, B2C, B2B, D2C or G2C, as long as you have an online presence and the business model is legal, this consulting session will help you.

Whether you sell something from the website or rely on lead generation campaigns, operate in value segment, or sell high-value products in luxury segments, a startup or an established business, sell digital goods or SaaS subscriptions, we can help.

Pricing for sessions

– $USD 135 per hour
– $USD 500 per month (4 sessions)

Do you know?

  • Ratan Jha is one of 21 official Google Ads Platinum Level Product Experts in the entire English speaking world.
  • He is recognized as LinkedIn’s Top Digital Marketing Voice
  • You are hiring a Google Ads consultant who is officially listed as Product Expert in Google’s official directory of experts.
Digital Marketing Strategist

Who is Ratan Jha?

A Digital Marketing Strategist behind the success of 780+ brands in 36 countries.

You can rely on him for growth-focused digital marketing strategies.

A rare blend of marketing, creative, and technical skills to understand not only what works but also how it works.

You can call +91 99719 19509 to talk directly to Ratan JHA?

The Digital Marketing Consultant, You Can Rely On!

Not just a Google Ads Consultant, the expertise across all vital components of modern-day digital marketing. A consulting session with Ratan Jha will answer all your questions.

Our digital marketing strategies have helped and are helping businesses from different industries scale to the next levels. Why not be the next…

A startup, an established business, or looking to be the next unicorn? We can help.

An expert Google Ads Consultant to help you achieve your advertising goals efficiently.

Our Clients

Hire An Expert
Google Ads Consultant

Get an expert perspective on your strategies

  • What are the ideal digital marketing channels for your business? Is your budget allocation across platforms right?
  • What KPIs are crucial for your business? Are you trapped in vanity metrics?
  • How do you measure efficacy and attribute credits for success?
  • Are your digital marketing reports meaningful? Why does the bottomline suffer when the topline looks fine?
  • Does your marketing team or the agency has answers when you need? Or the vicious cycle of blame game starts?

Get expert perspectives from a full-stack digital marketing consultant. Let’s talk what works today and how? Or simply issue about Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or entire digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Booking a consulting session with Ratan Jha for Google Ads, Meta (Facebook Ads) or entire Digital & Performance Marketing would cost you INR 10,000 per hour. 

For payments arranged in India, the GST of 18% is applied extra.

A prior access to the required accounts viz. Google Ads, Analytics, etc. are required. Yes, a Read Only Level Access will do.

Time is calculated for the call hours. One hour consulting session means a one-to-one video call of an hour.


In consulting sessions, we do a thorough analysis of your account(s) in question. Next, we do a call with you, tell you what are the areas that need immediate attention… what needs to be worked, and how.

Also, we take your questions if any.

In monthly management, the manual implementation at multiple frequency and reporting are done as well.


Ratan Jha is a digital marketing consultant and his expertise is not limited to Google Ads alone. Note that Google offers more recognition programs for experts and consultants than any other platforms in question. That’s the reason you see more mentions of Google Ads Consultant or accreditations across this page. 

We can help you with your full-funnel digital marketing efforts.

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