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Instagram Ads Expert
Do you know that Instagram is more engaging than Facebook in terms of business posts? Not just that, Instagram Ads has the potential to bring in conversions both for sales and services related goals. Yes, that’s right.

Instagram Ads are run through the Facebook Ads platform only and Facebook Ads platform serves ads to Instagram as well by default.

But, if you have dedicated campaigns for Instagram fine-tuned to target specific audience segments, it can perform better separated than combined.

Yes, it’s not just the ad creative formats and dimension that’s specific to Instagram, there are targeting setups which work better on Instagram. Have you been using them?

No matter whether your advertising goal is to get sales, leads, or engagement, Instagram has the potential to suit your business’ marketing needs. Yes, the real difference is brought by how your campaigns are set up and optimized. Hire an Instagram advertising expert today. Speak to us.

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Instagram Ads Expert
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