How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate by Next Week

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4.2 billion people use the internet every day.

That’s an extremely big figure, isn’t it? And a reasonably large part of them could be a potential visitor to your website.

That said, increasing traffic to your site is all well and good. But it means nothing if it doesn’t convert!

Those eyes need to become clicks, subscribers, and customers. Otherwise, from a business perspective, what’s the point?

The question becomes this: how do you get people to convert on your site? How can you maximize your website conversion? And how can you do it quickly!?

Keep reading to find out the answer.

What’s Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate means the proportion of visitors to a web page that takes you up (i.e. convert) on an offer there. Your conversion rate is this figure, expressed as a percentage.

A conversion can mean different things. It could be a subscription to your newsletter, a purchase of an e-book or an enrolment in your next webinar.

Figure out your conversion rate by dividing your number of conversions by total visitors, then multiplying by 100. The higher the final number, the better!

It’s crucial information.

After all, if you aren’t converting then you aren’t succeeding as a marketer.

How to Rapidly Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Now we know what it is and why it’s important, let’s go through how to rapidly increase yours!

1. Figure Out Current Performance

Before you get to analyze your performance, make sure your conversion tracking is done right and it does not need any fixing.

Coming back to the main topic, improving your conversion rate starts with knowing the current state of affairs.

You need to analyze any data you have. A tool such as Google Analytics can help.

Look for pages that work and those that don’t. Your bounce rates, click rates and average times on pages each offer crucial insight in this endeavour.

You want people to spend time on your sites. It’s impossible to convert if a visitor bounces without seeing your offer!

2. Update Underperforming Pages

Now set about updating your newly discovered underperforming pages and optimizing your well-performing ones.

Update old content, add fresh content, feature top-performing blog posts on your homepage, and so on.

All of these things will increase the time spent on your site. And more time equals more chance of a conversion!

3. Test Test Test

The secret to increasing conversions comes down to testing.

The only way to know what works is to test absolutely everything. This is an ongoing process but it can begin immediately.

For example, create two lead identical lead magnets with one slight change. Perhaps you have a different call to action on one. Or a different font. Or you’ve used different images.

Then test which works best. The more tests you do, the better you’ll begin to understand what converts most effectively.

4. Add Creative (and Multiple) Calls to Action

Your calls to action are essential!

Experiment with different options to discover what converts best. Positive calls to action usually work great (‘Hell yes I want to subscribe!’).

And as above, be sure to test what works and what doesn’t. Try alternating colours, fonts, shapes and so on.

Adding multiple calls can help too!

5. Simplify Your Design

A simple page design will increase your conversions.

People are easily distractible. A web page that’s well structured, with a clean, straightforward layout will help keep them interested.

Simplify your opt-in forms as well. Asking for too much information in forms will drastically impact your ability to convert.

6. Speed Up Your Site

Remember how your chances of conversion increases as people spend longer on pages?

Well, one way of doing this is speeding up your site.

People now have attention spans less than a goldfish’s! Google recommends a page load time of 1 second or less. Any longer and you stand to lose particularly impatient visitors.

Time to Get Converting!

There you have it! 6 ways to rapidly improve your website conversion rate.

Remember, this percentage is essential to the success of you and your business! Unfortunately, without conversions, your marketing simply isn’t working.

But you can improve the situation by figuring out the current success of your site, updating underperforming content, testing wherever and whenever you can, using creative calls to action, simplifying your design and speeding up your site.

Do these things now and you’ll be on your way to seeing results within a week.

Got questions? Let us know in the comments!

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