A/B Testing: Why is it Important to Test Different Types of Facebook Ads?

A/B testing for facebook ads

As independent business owners and digital marketers, we are living in a time when even small businesses have unparalleled power at the fingertips. If you know how to use the tools at your disposal, that is.

Digital marketing is expected to rise by 17.1% in 2019, to a total of $327.28 billion. With so much money on the table, there’s going to be an onslaught of new software and services hoping to capitalize on that market. No amount of bells and whistles will make a difference if you don’t know what you’re trying to do, however.

Different types of Facebook ads can actually help you determine what your business goals actually are, for far less than A/B testing usually costs.

We’re going to help you learn how to leverage your Facebook following to generate your own marketing insights, using time-honoured business practices and solid mathematical and scientific principles.

Here’s how A/B testing can be practised with different types of Facebook ads and some reasons why you should get into it.

A/B Testing for Different Types of Facebook Ads

It’s never a good idea to experiment blindly when it comes to business. Not only do you waste time and money, but you’re also left stuck with only your instincts for guidance. Guts are great but you’ll have a hard time proving those instincts to your investments.

A/B testing is how you test your guts. It’s truly a win-win when your heart and your head are working together in harmony.

Let’s look at how A/B testing can be conducted with different types of Facebook ads.

Construct a Control

Eliminating variables is the name of the game when it comes to A/B testing, like any good math or science. First, you’ve got to figure out what your variables are that you would like to test against, then you can work out how to get going.

You’ll need to construct two variants of the same ad. One will be your control and the other will be your experimental group.

Eliminate Variables

For example, you might create a Facebook ad following a traditional copywriting script. You’ll have your headline followed by a simple call-to-action at the end. You’ll need to schedule these to post at specific times to rule out the different levels of traffic to see how that ad is actually performing.

Your experimental group might be a video ad, then, if you want to measure how effective video ads are, in comparison.

Know What You’re Looking for

You should have a list of goals you’re hoping to test for when constructing your A/B testing. Engagement might be one. Conversions might be another.

Don’t limit your testing to the content, either. You’ll want to see how your Facebook ads themselves are performing, as well. Experiment with different tones, types of graphic design, and formats.

Facebook ads aren’t limited to your website or fan page any longer. You can send people to Facebook Messenger, also. There’s no downplaying how powerful targeted marketing sent directly to your customer’s phone can be.

These principles are universal among all types of A/B testing. You can do the same experiments with Google Ads A/B testing to make the most of your search engine marketing.

Coming back to Facebook, all of these insights that you gather from A/B testing will teach you how to post Facebook ads in a masterful way.

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A/B testing for facebook ads

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