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Are you planning to start a blog? Great!

But as you start thinking about what topics should you write on, or more precisely deciding the niche of the blog, your mind gets overwhelmed with hundreds of ideas leaving you confused?

You are not alone.

I understand your struggle and can relate to it very specifically.  It’s the common phase that everyone goes through at least once before starting a blog. Finding the perfect niche which does not make you repent at the later stage, on the contrary, makes you super successful as a blogger needs an analysis.

In general, there are three main roadblocks that you might already have encountered while choosing your blog’s niche-

  • How far can I go with that niche?
  • What is the growth prospect like?
  • How will I monetize my blog later?

By the end of this blog, you will find answers to these questions. You will also get many helpful ideas to kick start your blog from the ground level.

What exactly is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic of your blog. Anything in your blog is around that one specific topic.

Now everyone has a different perception of “specific topic”.  For instance, if you start writing on gaming you will target people with this interest but the game industry is massive. Other bloggers and Youtubers are also doing the same. It is better to narrow down your approach to the specific type of games for fewer struggles.

Why do you need a blog niche?

Let us start with the importance first. Why deciding the niche is so crucial? If the purpose of the blog is to share thoughts with the world, why can’t you just do that simply?

I hear you. Though there is no such rule in blogging that you have to choose the niche, yet it is very important for successful blogging.

When you blog only because you like it and don’t want to monetize it at any stage, you can skip this step. However, if it’s not the case, you must spend time finding the perfect niche.

When your blogging passion is driven by emotion and your liking about writing, you can choose and write on any topic. Here your preference is more important. On the contrary, when you want to be a super successful blogger and money magnet, you have to prioritize what the audience wants to read. So, your niche becomes crucial.

What if the audience is not interested in all the topics of your choice?

So, if you choose a niche wisely, there is a high probability that your audience will stick to what you write and every time you write a new blog post, they will show interest.

What’s the best thing to do here?

Based on my experience and other successful bloggers’, my advice to you is – write what people read. You need an audience base initially. And once you have built the audience for your blog, you can write on the topics of your personal choice as well. You can jump to varieties.

The main lesson to learn here is narrowing down and identifying a decent-sized target audience. As far as you are clear about your target audience, you will find no roadblocks. In the earlier example, we would have done blunder if we had stuck to only gaming. As the gaming industry is big enough, for the sake of the niche we carved out a massive crowd.

Suppose you are an entertainment blogger,  you can further define your blog, for instance, Bollywood, Hollywood, or more precisely Bollywood music review, Hollywood movie review, or Hindi Teleshop reviews. You are more likely to create an audience base smoothly. If your topic is already specific, it’s awesome. This is what exactly the niche is.

How to start thinking about it?

Ideas come unconsciously. When you sit down to start brainstorming a niche you’ll feel stuck. This is obvious to happen.

At this stage, don’t worry about the idea. You come across any idea; just add it to your list.

However, it is important to note that you need to start the flow. They won’t come by themselves.

Got an idea? Note it down. Another one but seems weird? Don’t decide if it is bad or good right there, simply jot it down.

When we sit specifically for idea generation starring at the ceiling and playing with a pen in hand, we feel an emptiness in our mind. It begins to get frustrating after a while. You don’t need to sit specifically for it, that’s not required. All you need is to start writing as and when it comes. By doing this you are actually sending signals to your subconscious mind that you need more of the ideas coming and they will start coming. Sometimes, under the shower, in the garden, playing with kids, watching your favourite show, and at those weird and unexpected places as well. The only thing that you need to make them keep coming is to write them down. Have a pen and paper handy or if that’s difficult, your phone can help as well.

Another helpful method is to look around and observe things. Some of the great ways to bring ideas are-

  • Look at the objects in your room if anything can spark an idea
  • Observe minute things in life
  • Read magazine, blog, and articles
  • Take ideas from the websites and blogs you visit
  • Go for a short tour, travel sparks ideas
  • Talk to kids, they are question factories, and the answer can generate ideas
  • And sleep adequately. Once you tried everything yet no result, sleep over it and sleep well. You will be surprised by the outcome.

There can be some of the things in which you may struggle-

  • You chose a topic that you personally don’t like but the audience would love to have that. Topics of this kind may irritate you. But, if your focus is straight, you can overcome it. Remember, if you believe something is necessary for you to do, start liking it. Even if you don’t like it, you will anyway have to do it. So, why not like it, the result will get drastically better.
  • A blog site for the sale of a product. There is a high chance of making money in this type of blog as you will target audience and bring sales. If not your own product, you can do it for others and earn a commission on the sale. Like photography? Start a camera review blog. Review different cameras and help people buy the right one based on their need and budget. If you create value and help them make decisions, they will follow your recommendations and the links to buy one.
  • The topic of your choice but can’t make you earn. It will make you famous at least. This is not a bad idea. Once you have the name and community followers around, you can devise to make money out of it.

So it depends on your goals whether you want to make money or become famous. Try to choose a topic that can make you earn, deliver knowledge, and you are passionate about it too.

How far can I go with my niche?

That’s very important again.

Will I be able to write more than 100 blogs on the niche I have chosen? Won’t it get boring after that?

The answer is – no. You won’t get bored or run short of an idea for the new posts. When you reach the level where you have written 100 quality blogs already, you have achieved something really great. It’s no joke. Now your mindset is different, you are more disciplined, more knowledgeable, and a small community of readers is around you, you will find ways yourself.

The biggest problem which I see is – the majority of the wannabe bloggers are not disciplined and motivated enough to continue and reach even 50 posts milestone. They are become-rich-quick scheme fans. I don’t mean to demotivate anyone, but that’s the harsh reality. During initial days, such people posts blogs out of excitement. As days pass by, the frequency of posting decreases. And after a while, they say – it’s not what it used to be. We picked the wrong time.


Writing consistently on something is a task. So before you head to figure out your niche, ask yourself about it.

Can you do it?

Do you have what it takes to be a super successful blogger?

Are you ready to be restless? Can you give it the time you spend watching your favourite TV show? Can you leave that?

If you can, nothing can stop you.

What will be the growth like?

After you dig your soul for the niche, it is time for the research. You will find a bunch of people interested in your blog. The task is to find more people for your blog site.

How to find that the niche you have chosen has an audience?

To answer this question you need to find an answer to the following two questions first:

  1. Whether your niche is relevant today or not, or how many people search for it?
  2. What is the trend of such searches, is it increasing or decreasing?

The biggest help you can get to find your answers is – Google Trend.

After the research, you will find how relevant or popular your niche is. You can also check the interest of niche among people over time.

Keyword research

Google trends will not tell you the exact number of searches on your niche. It’s not the tool for keyword research. It will simply tell you about the trend of searches over time. If you want to explore all aspects of your niche, you need to dive deep. And yes, keyword search is not that hard task to do. You can use SEMrush to do your research.

How can you make money in your niche?

The first is to find out how other bloggers are making money in your niche or in a similar niche.

Broadly it would be- Advertisement and affiliate sponsorships.

You can also teach people what you do. You can create courses and ebooks to sell. We will talk more about monetizing blogs in a separate blog because that’s a subject by itself.

Summing it all up

Hope you could get some help in finding the perfect niche for your blog. If you have any question, leave them in the comment section below I will be happy to answer them.

Blog Niche
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