11 Easy Ways To Improve AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate) Right Away

The Click Through Rate (CTR) of an AdWords ad is one of the most significant metrics that every advertiser should be working with. It’s completely fine if it’s not your KPI (Key Performance Indicator). However, it’s definitely one metric that lets you know whether your campaign optimization strategies are healthy enough and are headed in… Read more »

Why do some of the Google search results do not have any ads?

Ever wondered as to why do some Google search results have no ads? Here’s the answer: Google aims to show the right ads to the right user(s) at the right time. And to be consistent with this philosophy, which is related more to the relevance of Google’s result pages to the users’ queries, Google may sometimes… Read more »

How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google’s First Page Search Results?

Google's first page rankings

Ever wondered as to how long does it normally take for a web page to actually rank in the first page of Google’s search results? Not by itself, of course. But, with proper SEO planning and executions. There hasn’t been a clear answer to this question. All you got was – it depends.

How To Setup AdWords Dynamic Remarketing in Shopify?

Shopify Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing Setup

If you are stuck at setting up Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing scripts in your Shopify store, this simple guide will help you do it easily. Without much ado, let me take you straight to the process… Step 1: Add a new Snippet for AdWords Dynamic Remarketing  Step 2: Call the Snippet you created in the… Read more »

When should you change your target CPA bid in AdWords?

Question: Some of the campaigns are getting leads at well below the Target CPA bids. Should I lower my Target CPA bids? Also, I have other accounts that are also doing well as far as Target CPA, but they are underspending my budget by hundreds. What do I do to get more leads and spend… Read more »

How To Research PPC Competitors Like A Pro?

SEMrush Review

PPC Research is a crucial step to the advertising success of any business online. Whether it’s for your very own or your clients’ business, knowing your competitors’ strategies is very crucial. If you are able to know how the competitors in the given industry are doing and what are the things making them succeed, you… Read more »

How Does AdWords Work? How Is CPC And Ad Positions Decided?

Wondering how does AdWords work? How do the ad auction, bidding, and the complete pricing methodology keep advertisers, searchers, and Google in a healthy and mutually profitable ecosystem? Here’s the video from Hal Varian taken from the Official Google Small Business YouTube channel and I have transcribed it for the people who want to read than… Read more »