SnapChat Ads In India: Here’s Why You Must Have It In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

SnapChat Ads India

Even if you don’t personally use it, you must already be aware that SnapChat has emerged to be a promising social media phenomenon over the years. It’s not just about millennials, as the platform has grown globally and have spread its footprints, it has attracted the interests of marketers as well. The platform is definitely different from other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc..  The key difference goes to its ability to allow users to interact with the content in a more fun and pictorial manner.

With 210 million users active daily, Snapchat clenches a great potential. Now with SnapChat advertising platform available in India as well, it can be really helpful in reaching out to your potential customers, especially when they are primary millennials. kickstart your business campaigns across the targeted users in a more efficient way.

Snapchat may be a late bloomer in India, but it is eventually picking pace.

A country with almost 500 million people having access to the internet, one cannot simply ignore the amount of potential it has on online advertising. India is emerging to be a promising country when it comes to marketing influence. After initially ignoring India, SnapChat finally understood the potential. The brand is setting up its first office in Mumbai.

Some of the key objectives of Snapchat’s India team are to focus on expanding strategic partnerships and build an engaged community of users. It also aims to serve local advertisers. With 3.5 Billion snaps every day, Snapchat is surely a force you must consider. Snapchat offers various Ad formats that will help you reach your audience. These ads are basically commercials that play between Stories as users browse their feeds. Another prominent feature about Snapchat Ads enables you to engage in a series of Snaps with a sponsored ‘Discover’ title.

Snapchat is a fun way to engage with other users through filters and Snapchat lenses. The use of ‘Geofilters’ is effective in measuring and boosting sales in a region.  It simply allows audiences to use your campaign-specific filter or lens related to your campaign for a particular location. These ‘Sponsored Lenses’ create an opportunity for users to interact with your brand on that location while also playing around and having fun with them. Snapchatters play around with it while sharing it with friends or other people by sending it to them.

Snapchat has seen a 40% daily active user increase from the second quarter of 2018 to the second quarter of 2019. People on Snapchat are usually hyper-engaged. Surveys show that out of 1,000 Snapchat followers, 900 of them will watch your story. This is an incredibly high engagement rate for a mobile app and social network. Along with that, Snapchat offers more fun and dynamic way to represent your company’s culture and work environment. You can relate to your audience by being casual, funny and have an authentic conversation with your audience. This is far more appealing than sending them boring marketing messages. Hence, if you’re looking for an active engagement with the audience, Snapchat is the place to be.

Snapchat has had a duel role in influencer marketing. It is considered robust ammunition for Influencer Marketing where you can connect with influencers as well as celebrities. These celebrities and influencers have huge fans and engaged audiences who are just waiting for snaps from their favourite celebrities. People can actually peek into the lives of these famous personalities that the latter wish to share. This makes Snapchat a potential advertising platform that you must consider.

How to get started with SnapChat Ads in India?

Currently in India, SnapChat co-ordinates via Tyroo for account whitelisting and billing setups. To get started, go to SnapChat for Business page and set up an account. Once done, you will need a line of credit to start running ads. Contact the billing team and they will get back to you with the requirements. The team is really helpful.

Next, based on your requirements, they will whitelist the features of the account so that you can use them. For instance, SnapChat support feed-based ads for eCommerce business, but this feature won’t be available by default, you need to get it whitelisted.

Does SnapChat Ads work well in India?

In my personal experience, if you set it all up right, it does work. I have experimented it with 5 brands by now. In the first pilot run for two weeks, the response was good enough, not bad though. However, working with the messaging and A/B testing creatives going forward, it’s been rewarding and worth the money and effort.


SnapChat Ads India

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