How to Write Click-Worthy Google Ad Copies

Google Ad Copies

Google ads reach 90% of internet users worldwide. Yes, you read that right. Isn’t that a commendable percentage?

It shows the opportunity you have got as a business to market your products and services to your potential customers. But this fact is no more a secret. Every intelligent marketer knows it, as you do of course.

It also gives us an idea about the competition online. You are not alone offering the services you offer or selling the products you sell. And, everyone needs customers. So they advertise. They write their Google ad copies as you do.  So the question is – why should anyone click your ad instead of your competitors?

This means it’s important to have really good Google ad copies which are persuasive and stand out to make a point.

So how would you write ads that can grab people’s attention? There are four important techniques to think about when it comes to persuasive ad copies.

Creating Persuasive Google Ad Copies

When it comes to Click Through Rate (CTR), Pay Per Click (PPC) ads get 50% more follow thru than organic results. The trick is creating ads on Google that grab the user’s attention immediately.

The techniques involved in creating Google ads is the same for any copy out there. You want to create attention-grabbing headlines and provide useable information.

The difference for a Google ad is the need to get this information into a small snippet. This need to condense copy into a paragraph trips up many marketers. The process doesn’t have to cause so much struggle though.

Determine What People Want

The first step in persuasive ads is understanding what your customers want. This means doing keyword research to determine what people want when they search on your industry topic.

Using Google’s predictive text is one way to help you find these keywords. You can also use other keyword research tools to determine which words get the most searches.

Keep in mind, Google also brings up responses for the intended use. This means you need to know what their intention is when they search for your terms so you get more clicks.

When you create the ad, get as specific as possible with the keywords and information you share. Show the searcher that you understand their needs and concerns. Also, show them you can provide the answers they’re looking for.

Find Your Competitive Edge

You’re not going to have an edge in an area your competitors are already known for. You have to determine what your competitors are known for, and more importantly where they’re unable to connect with customers.

These areas they miss are your competitive edge. Think about what customers are looking for that they don’t think they can get from your competitors. This can take many forms

  • Is your business local?
  • Do you have a quicker response rate?
  • Is your product backed by more research?
  • Do you have better customer reviews?
  • Do you offer lower prices? Or better quality?

Really analyze what makes you stand out. Use this information in your ad to reach the audience that prioritizes your strengths.

Create an Emotional Response

Part of grabbing attention is showing your brand’s personality. This may seem difficult with a small blurb in an ad, but it’s easier than it sounds.

Use words that resonate with the user. Words like the offer, compare, opportunity, easy etc. are all good options. Also, use “you” to resonate with the person.

Make sure you make it easy for them to do what you’re asking them to do. This means creating a clear call-to-action. Simple, easy to follow language is always best.

Creating Your Google Ad Strategy

Remember that you have options to test different ads on Google to create a winning strategy. You don’t have to get stressed out about the perfect copy if you leave yourself options.

Do you need help creating an effective ad copy strategy? If you’re not sure where to start, contact us for a Google ads consultation.

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