5 Must-Know Digital Marketing Facts (And 5 Marketing Myths Debunked)

digital marketing facts and myths

You’ve no doubt read hundreds of digital marketing facts on the internet. But let’s face it: the internet’s not really known for its accuracy, is it?

So how can you tell the facts from the BS? Keep reading, that’s how.

In this guide, we’ll tell you 5 essential facts about marketing while debunking the 5 biggest digital marketing myths. Check it out!

Myth #1: More Traffic Means More Leads, Sales, Etc.

You worked hard on your website, revamped it and followed all the rules of SEO. And, lucky you, this effectively landed your site in the top ten results of several Google searches. Congratulations!

According to popular belief, that means your leads, sales, and other metrics will automatically increase as well, right?

Fact #1: Traffic Won’t Convert Without Good Reason

Of course, that’s false!

The traffic of any kind, whether digital or foot traffic, is merely an opportunity to increase leads and sales. It does you no good to get people to your store or website if they don’t see anything they like when they get there. Traffic is important for your website, but that’s not all. There are several things to it.

To get conversions from your traffic, you should be able to address their pain points, give them the information they want, you need to give something valuable in exchange. It’s more about value, what’s in it for them? It has to be considered. Give them an offer they want to act on.

Or set up a marketing funnel that keeps benefiting prospects until they become loyal customers. So, it’s a process. An increase in traffic does not necessarily mean an increase in sales, leads, and revenue.

Myth #2: Not All Industries Need a Blog

Blogging is only for companies who want to look cool and market to high school kids, right? Who wants to read a B2B blog about hydraulic parts for construction equipment?

Fact #2: All Industries Need a Blog

Well, someone must want to read it because a Google search for “hydraulic equipment parts” yields about 126,000,000 results. This would also be true of any service and any business.

That much of supply doesn’t come without a demand.

It’s important to note that, in general, websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages in search results than sites without. Besides, if you’re assuming no one will be interested in your business, why are you in business at all?

Content marketing allows you to reach the best kind of prospects, those who are already interested. Plus, it gives you a chance to generate new interest among the uninterested.

And each post is also a call-to-action. Use posts to close sales or boost whatever metrics you need most.

So yes, no matter what industry you are in, you do need a blog section on your website that houses quality posts relevant to your potential customers.

Myth #3: Blogging is Always 100% Effective

Image Source: munofore.com

After endorsements like the one above, it’s easy to think of blogging as a marketing magic wand. You just pump out content as fast as you can and BOOM!!!

Posts turn into traffic, traffic to sales, and sales to millions in passive income.

Fact #3: High-Quality Blogging is Often Effective

Blogging is helpful, but it’s not that ridiculously easy. If the content quality is poor, so are the results. Do not write text content on your website only to fill in the space. It will do more harm than good.

Your content must provide value. It needs to give readers something they actually want. It should be so valuable that they read it all the way through and then feel glad that they did.

Even then, there are no 100 per cent or magic wands in marketing, as you’ll see next.

Myth #4: If You’re Doing it Right, You’ll See Results Right Away

So now, you’ve started a high-quality blog and increased your traffic. You’ll be seeing a significant increase in sales by this time tomorrow, right?

Fact #4: It Takes a Long Time and Careful Effort to See Results

The fact that this is even a myth is mindboggling. Anyone who knows anything about marketing knows you don’t see results from a new campaign right away, digital or otherwise.

A new business can take over a year to gain any traction in the marketing industry. They’ll need time to test the market and the audience. It will take time for the audience to show up, connect, and respond.

Even a new campaign from an established company can take months to gain results.

Besides that, “proving ROI” is still the second biggest challenge marketers face to this day. It takes a great amount of effort, strategically recording and tracking metrics, to see results even if you are getting them.

Myth #5: Social Media is for Engaging Only

“Social media is for engaging, not selling!” You’ve heard this warning all over the internet.

It’s said social media should be used solely for garnering interest in your company. And pushing a sales agenda will only push people away.

Fact #5: It’s Ok to Broadcast on Social Media

The warning above is somewhat true. Your social media campaign should be mostly about engagement. And being a pushy salesman will drive followers away.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use social media to promote content. This kind of goes back to making your content valuable.

Content is free, so you aren’t technically selling anything by promoting it. And if it’s valuable, too, then it’s almost like giving a gift to your devoted followers.

Unless your content is garbage, promoting it on social media should make them happy, not annoyed.

Remember These Digital Marketing Facts

Forget the myths and remember the facts. Apply these marketing facts to your current marketing campaigns. Remember, consistency is the key in modern-day marketing.

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And by the way, if you have any questions or feedback about the post you just read, feel free to post a comment. And, if you need help with your marketing strategies and want to speak to a digital marketing strategist, get in touch today.

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