Five Reasons You Should Start Advertising On Linkedin Right Away

Why LinkedIn Ads?

In general, what’s common about LinkedIn is that it’s a social media platform which helps you build professional portfolio and networks. It helps employers and recruiters reach out to the right candidates. And yes, for job seekers as well, it proves to be a platform to be on. From new college graduates to professionally experienced personnel, Linkedin helps them navigate their career with confidence whether they’re finding a new job or planning to switch one. Isn’t that right?

Yes, it is. But there are more reasons to be Linkedin than the ones mentioned above.

Linkedin has around 610 million members with 303 million users active monthly, 40% of whom visit the site daily. That’s around 121 million users visiting the site daily. Isn’t that huge?

It offers more marketing advantages to brands as compared to other social networking platforms. It’s a platform where users browse the site with a different mindset It’s very unlikely of any individual to use a platform like LinkedIn just to keep in touch with friends and increase their social circle. On the contrary, Linkedin helps users expand their networks; find a job along with keeping up with various industry trends.

That’s not all. LinkedIn has got the potential to help brands reach out to their potential customers, more specifically to the decision-makers. For this reason, this platform can be used as a robust tool for brand promotion, lead generation, and much more.

Here are five reasons why you should start advertising on Linkedin right away:

  1. Highly efficient for both B2B & B2C marketing

The difference with LinkedIn is the margin for errors which is much smaller than Google or Facebook in terms of targeting. There are several layers of targeting options which can be used to refine the target group of users a brand needs to reach on the platform. This makes LinkedIn, a powerhouse for B2B advertisers and a viable option for B2C marketing campaigns. Since users actively maintain their profiles, you can target niche professional groups more precisely than any other platform.

  1. Ease of Use

The advertising section interface of Linkedin is very easy to use. It’s not complex at all. It is one of the easiest platforms to set up and launch your ad campaigns. The interface is simple and so is building campaigns, creating ads, and viewing performance reports.

  1. Highly effective ad units

LinkedIn Direct Ads lets the user ask for recommendations and reviews from the company’s satisfied clients and begin considering targeted ad campaigns based on location, job function and seniority, industry and business dimension, as well as gender and age. Begin by creating an engaging ad to advertise a service or product to your target user group. You can create text-only ads, image ads, carousel ads, videos, ads with lead generation forms etc. within a few clicks.

  1. Robust Targeting Options

You can target users by demographics which is usually available on all advertising platforms today. But how about targeting by job position, seniority, schools or colleges attended, experience at a particular position? These options are specifically available on LinkedIn only. Moreover, you can use Audience Expansion. Enabling Audience Expansion allows LinkedIn’s algorithm to find similar audiences to the previously specified ones. It helps advertisers reach out to the potential LinkedIn members who would have been missed otherwise.

  1. LinkedIn as compared to other platforms

If we talk about the market share occupied by giants like Google, Facebook etc., it’s definitely more than LinkedIn. But the pace at which LinkedIn share is increasing, it’s really commendable. The biggest difference between Facebook and LinkedIn is the audience and their mindset. LinkedIn being a professional and more formal social platform helps reach out to business professionals and decision-makers more precisely and that too where they are active at their work mindset.

On the contrary, Facebook is largely informal which means you run ads on Facebook to reach people during their lazy and nostalgic times. Another quality that distinguishes LinkedIn from Google Ads is the fact that Ads on Google will appear to the audience when they search for something while Ads on LinkedIn are accessible to the users at any time of the day based on their ad scheduling.

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