Facebook and Instagram to Restrict Ad Targeting for Teen Users

Personalized ads to teens on Facebook & Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, will be removing the option for targeting advertising to teen users based on gender. It is going to end the ability of advertisers to target personalized ads to users under 18 years of age based on their in-app activity. It going to happen the next month, February 2023.

After these changes, personalized ads to teens will only be based on a their age and location. In addition, Meta will be rolling out new controls for teen users, allowing them to select “see less” of a certain topic, shaping the ads they receive. This change will impact advertisers targeting users under 18, who will need to restrategize their advertising strategy. This move by Meta comes after they were fined by the European Union (EU) regulators for illegally forcing users to accept personalized ads.


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