Price list for AdWords Advertising

Give me the price list of advertising with AdWords.

How much do I need to spend to get certain number of leads/sales? Or, What is the cost of advertising with AdWords?

What is the guarantee?

Well, these are some of the questions which many of the new advertisers (who have not used AdWords before) have in mind. I got to answer a similar question in the AdWords Community this week. I am reposting my reply here –

There is no fixed price list for advertising with AdWords. It’s an Auction based platform where multiple advertisers willing to show their ads on similar keywords in a certain geographic location bid for their ad placements on Google Search Network, Display Network, or on both. The result of such auctions decides ad ranks, and their costs.

Further, the beauty of this robust system is that you can start advertising your business with AdWords with simply any budget of your choice, and you always have your complete control on the spends. You pay only when someone clicks your ad to visit your website or call.

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Original Source:  Official AdWords Community


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