Having the right set of keywords for your AdWords campaigns is a crucial step to succeed in your online advertising strategies. Not just that, even when you have achieved a fair share of search impression for your existing keywords, you need a plan to expand, expand to more relevant and profitable keywords and compete better with your competitor, don’t you?

Thanks to the benchmarks data in AdWords Keyword Planner, you can streamline your keyword expansion strategy more efficiently. You can compare your search terms coverage to that of your competitors and reviewing your relative ad impressions share against top five market leaders, you can get valuable ideas on where to focus more.

Who are your competitors?

Who are your competitors?

Identify market leaders

Compare to market leaders for Search Impression Share


In short, you can get the following with the benchmarking data –

  1. Get to know the top five industry leaders in your niche/industry
  2. Get their Search Impression Share data
  3. Analyze where you are lagging behind your competitors
  4. Identify missed opportunities
  5. Get new keywords ideas

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2 comments on “Are you using benchmarks data in AdWords Keywords Planner? If not already, start using now

  1. Divya Gupta on

    Thanks for your shared information. I just want to know that how can i implement this benchmark data and how can i know my competitors keywords?

    • Ratan Jha on

      Divya, when you are in the Keyword Planner which is accessible from Tools menu in the AdWords interface, under the ‘Find New Keywords’ section use the first option, enter your keywords and hit ‘Get Ideas’. Once you are on the dashboard with your results, click the dropdwon just above the graph you see. Now select one of the last two options from the dropdown. There you are!


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