New Metrics to Let You Measure AdWords Engagement Ads’ Performance


If you have been running AdWords Engagement Ads (Lightbox Ads), you can now get even deeper insights about their performances. Three key metrics namely – Engagements, Engagement rate, and Avg. CPE (Cost Per Engagement) are going to be introduced by June 22, 2015. You will find them as new columns under the statistics table.

What does it mean to you?

When someone expands your Lightbox Ads, it will no longer be counted as click. The system will now count as engagements, not clicks. As a result, your historical data for clicks, CTR, and Average CPC will be changed.

Explaining the terminologies

  • Engagements: Every time your Lightbox ad is expanded, it’s an engagement
  • Engagement Rate: The number of times your ad was shown divided by the number of times it was clicked (user engaged with it)
  • Average CPE: The average amount you have been charged per engagement
  • Clicks:  The number of clicks taking users to your landing page.
  • Free clicks: Previously, it meant what Clicks mean now.

Note that the previous metrics like CTR and Avg. CPC will still remain in the interface but they will now count different events/actions.

In the short, the base concept of Clicks is going to be revised here. The actual Clicks to landing pages which previous meant Free Clicks are now Clicks, and what meant Clicks previously are now engagements. 


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