Microsoft Clarity: Free Alternative to Hotjar, MouseFlow, Inspectlet, Website User Recording

Microsoft Clarity

If you have been looking for a free alternative to Hotjar, Mouseflow or Inspectlet, you are going to love Microsoft Clarity. This new free service from Microsoft allows you to record User Sessions and Heatmaps without a cost.

Now you can dive deep into your website users’ interactions and fix UX, UI issues with ease.

Some of the core features of Microsoft Clarity include:

  • Session Recording & Playbacks,
  • Heatmaps

I got it integrated on several of our clients’ websites to review. I must say it’s doing well.

Having used Hotjar, Mouseflow and Inspects for years, can I switch to Clarity?

Well, it still lacks several features that those tools offer you, but considering it’s a new tool, I believe a lot is to come. As already said, we are already using it for several clients and may really switch to it real soon.

One thing that I don’t like in these user sessions tools is that they add additional loads to your website, making it slow. Clarity is no exception. So, I advise, don’t use them as a permanent thing on your website, rather use them when you need them to. You don’t need a year of data to get key insights on how your users interact with your website. Sometimes, a day or two or a few hours are enough, specially when you are running advertising campaigns.

Have you used Microsoft Clarity, yet?



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