Facebook Removes 20% Text Limit from Ad Creatives

I had been wondering for a few weeks as to why don’t Facebook show the ‘too much text’ warning on ads. There have been at least 5 ads from different client accounts which I suspected to have texts in more than 20% of the ads’ entire areas. The ads are already performing fine so I did not took the pain of checking the ad with the overlay tool.

It seemed like Facebook removed the limit. And, it actually did. This post from Search Engine Journal confirmed that.

So how does it impact advertisers?

The impact is going to be positive. It was sometimes really frustrating to keep checking ads multiple times. And, to cut on ad texts to abide by this rule when you knew it was just perfect, was really painful.

However, it doesn’t mean you should fill the ads with nothing but texts. It will impact the performance definitely. Remember, the visual appearance of your ads on social is very crucial. Make a balance and do not add unnecessary amount of texts on your image ads.

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