Google Product Experts Meetup 2018, Dublin, Ireland

Google Product Experts Meetup 2018

This year’s Google Top Contributor Summit (now it’s called Google Products Experts Meetup) for AdWords (now Google Ads) was held in Google’s EU Headquarters at Dublin, Ireland. I came back to Delhi the day before yesterday. Thought of writing a brief blog about it. So here I am…

It was a great fun-filled learning experience as Google’s summits are always known for. As it was the first summit after Google AdWords became Google Ads, and the Top Contributor Program became Google Product Experts Program,  the excitement was double.

The content of the summit basically was focussed at – How is Machine Learning and Automation at Google are evolving and how they are together shaping up Google Ads for better and better, new features, innovations, and many related exciting things.

A brief overview of the contents can be found on the meetup website here.

More about Google Product Experts Program can be found at its official YouTube Channel.




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