Google Ads All Set to Limit Search Terms Report On Privacy Grounds

Google Ads is limiting the search terms report

Google Ads’ Search Term Report is definitely one of the most visited reports by advertisers. It tells you as to what search terms actually triggered your ads. What if Google limits that?

Yes, that’ true. Google says that search terms report will list searches only with a significant number of searches. It means if a search term brought you just a few clicks, you won’t see what those searches were… It will be like swiping key marketing insights into the dark for no one to see but Google. It’s more about limiting advertisers’ ability to understand their ads’ performance better. 

And, it’s being done on the ground on privacy. Privacy is really important, but to what extent?

A user searching for something on Google can’t actually be identified personally, then how does a search by him or her concern their privacy? Google does not (almost) already disclose the search queries for organic searches, and it’s fine and is already accepted by the industry. But for Google Ads? It’s not welcome. Advertisers actually pay for it. In my opinion, it’s not really justified limiting the search terms report.

I already noticed a petition against this change. What’s your personal take on that?

Google has begun alerting advertisers that it will soon stop showing search queries that triggered their ads when there is not “significant” data. “We are updating the search terms report to only include terms that were searched by a significant number of users.

Source: Google Ads to limit Search Terms reporting, citing privacy


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