Engaged View Conversion for Video Ads

View Through Conversions (VTC), you have known it. Now, Google is coming up with Engaged View Conversions (EVC) that will measure and attribute conversions from the direct response TrueView skippable videos ads on YouTube and Google’s Display Network.

Somebody watched your TrueView for Action video ad for 10 seconds before skipping it and then converted on your website within 3 days, you had an EVC attributed conversion.

EVC – the non-click conversion metric – will become the default for counting conversions on the said types of video ads.

I personally welcome this move as I do believe that videos do not get the credit for the impact they drive. It has always been a challenge to understand the true impact of videos on customers’ path to purchases. EVC will make it more meaningful.

However, if EVCs are reported separately (even when being counted as actual conversions) or segmentation is facilitated, it would be more meaningful.

Google says –

Our vision for the coming year is to give you more transparent reporting across both click and engaged-view conversions, aggregated and anonymously, and new configurability options for conversion measurement to make data-driven media decisions for your business.

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Engaged View Conversion for Video Ads
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