7 Reasons Why You Must Bid On Your Own Brand Keywords With Google Ads

Should I bid on my own brand keywords? When our website is already ranking at the top for our brand name search terms, why should we spend on ads?

If you have the same question as above, you are not alone. It has long been debated and has been one of the most asked questions from businesses of all sizes.

There have been several types of researches around this topic and the findings have always proved it worthy to have specific PPC campaigns to target brand search terms.

Here are the top five reasons –

  1. Incremental Clicks Impact Of Search Advertising

    A  comprehensive study was conducted by Google Inc. to find out the impact of having AdWords brand campaigns when the brand in question was already ranking in organic results.  The findings proved that it actually has an incremental impact.

    A meta-analysis of several hundred of these studies reveals that over 89% of the ads clicks are incremental, in the sense that the visits to the advertiser’s site would not have occurred without the ad campaigns.

    In simple terms, it actually increases your overall traffic to the site by 89% if you use AdWords to show ads for brand terms on Google.

  2. The More, The Merrier

    When you run ads for your own brand terms, you actually can give people more reasons and options to visit your website. As per the search behaviour of online users, not everyone prefers to click on an organic result when they see ads on the same search engine page. A good percentage of people using Google take ads more seriously than organic results.

    Yes, the reasons can be varied for this. For instance – paid ads show above the natural results, PPC ads address urgency better, ads indirectly indicate a brand’s seriousness to the business etc.

    This is the reason, when you have paid ads running, you actually get to have more people visiting your website.

  3. Customised Messaging

    You cannot change your organic listing’s title and descriptions quickly. There’s a whole lot of process for it. You make changes to your site, they indexed by Google and then you get to see your changed messaging on organic results. And technically, it is not advisable to make adjustments on Title and Meta Description frequently, it may affect rankings negatively.

    However, with paid ads, it’s just the matter a few minutes. You can have customised messaging with your ad text real quick. If you want to show specific offers, updates, launches etc. to the people who are searching for your brand, you can very easily do it with PPC ads.

  4. Opportunity To Include More Information

    Search advertising offers several options to make your ads get more exposures. You can use multiple ad extensions with Google AdWords. For instance – CallOut to talk about USPs, Sitelinks to drive people directly to specific pages on the site, Call extension to let people call you from ads, Reviews, Locations etc.

  5. Lower Cost Per Conversion

    If you bid on your brand keywords you would notice that you get the highest conversion rate, yet the lowest cost per conversion in such campaigns.

    Conversion Funnel

    The reason is the fact that people searching for your brand name and already near the point of conversion. They have already moved past the first two stages of the conversion funnel. For this reason, it costs you lesser to convert them.

  6. Keep Competitors At Bay

    If you do not have brand specific PPC campaigns, your competitors may be stealing this opportunity from you. If you have own brand campaigns, it will be very difficult for them to beat you there. And thus, the benefits of your brand search volume stays with you only.

  7. Build a better account history

    Technically, when your overall PPC account metrics like Quality Score, CTR, Conversion Rate etc. look good, it positively impacts all other campaigns in your account. It helps you build better account-level performance history and helps you over a period.

Still, have questions on benefits on running brand term specific PPC campaigns with Google or Bing Ads? I will be happy to hear from you. Feel free to post your questions in the comment below.


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