5 Things That You Should Check Before Joining A Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing as an industry is not new anymore.

But, given the consistently rising dependence of brands of all sizes on digital marketing, this industry shows no sign of being stagnant in several decades to come. In the startup culture of today, the need for digital marketing is increasing at a really faster face. And, there is a very small number of trained individuals who can readily fill the positions.

It makes it just the right time to kickstart a career as a digital marketing strategist or specialist.

So what kinds of jobs are there?

Well, depending on your interest, you could be an SEO analyst, Social media marketing executive, PPC specialist, etc..

Once you get the expertise, your career will take new heights. This is why digital marketing is one of the most sought-after career paths today.

Let me not burst the bubble of your dreams, but you need to undergo proper training to keep advancing on your career. A certification and in-depth knowledge of the course, and you can sail through it easily. More than 90% of top employers tend to offer a handsome package to trained candidate and certificate holders.

There is no denying that digital marketing institutes have mushroomed in the recent past. Many of them don’t pass at the basic points of standard, no worries; we are here to assist you before you make your mind for joining a digital marketing course of your choice.

  1. Practical And Theoretical Session

Check how they have divided the course into practical and theoretical sessions. What per cent of the course comprises of practical classes?

Yes, it’s important. In the world of digital marketing, real-world experience matters a lot.  You can directly ask the institute which you are going to join – Will I get the opportunity to work on a live-project or not?

Don’t just believe the word of mouth; check this in their prospectus and see if you talk to some of the students who have already done the course from the institute in the question.

Trainers in most of the marketing institutes don’t even possess the experience of practical implementation. Students from these institutes end-up getting only theoretical knowledge, which becomes a true hindrance for the career path ahead.

When you spend so much in your training, make sure you get the real worth.

  1. The reputation of Institutes

It’s not only about the money, you are also going to spend your time and energy as well. Make sure do a reality check on the reputation of the institute you are going to join. Do not take their words. You will find their websites and prospectus flooded with great reviews. Don’t be influenced by them, do your own research. A good institute will:

  • Offer an authentic certificate
  • Have trainers who are real experts at the implementation of what they teach you
  • Help you with placements
  • Offer practical sessions

Almost any institute today offers a free demo class where you can judge the reputation of the institute. Take the demo class, ask all the questions you have. Try to reach out to students of that institute, and ask about their progress. I am sure you’ll get a fair idea. Otherwise, you can check reviews of many institutes on Google reviews, Facebook pages, or other third-party sources. Do not rely on the testimonials on their website.

  1. Industry-relevant Topics

There are many individual verticals in digital marketing courses – SEO, SMM, PPC, Analytics, etc..  See, up to what extent your institute is covering these topics, compare course-design of various institutes before you jump to any conclusion.

  1. About Trainer

Not everything that glitters is gold. Today, the internet is flooded with self-proclaimed experts. In a scenario where everybody claims to be the best, it would be a bit difficult for you as a new entrant in the digital marketing to find or recognize the right trainer.

Many students get allured by the flowery promises made by trainers in the demo class. They would show you data on how they earned a huge sum of money in affiliate marketing and would show you dreams how you can too. Do not be trapped.

For the first thing, if they make that much money, why are they in the training business at all? Why not focus more on what they earn more on?

Be focussed to know their actual expertise in digital marketing. Do they work with any brand managing their digital strategies? Otherwise, you would more likely be trained to be parrots.

No matter, how passionate the trainer may sound during your demo class or otherwise, you must go through his profile. The best way to do that is by checking his profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.. How many clients have they dealt with? How much practical knowledge do they have? If their profile satisfies these questions, you can trust the trainer.

  1. Internship

An internship is a baby step in the journey of your digital marketing career.  But the impact is huge.

I have interviewed several candidates trained from so-called best institutes. They lack even the basic practical understanding.

Yes, practical experience matters a lot. Find an institute which offers practical training, if you can’t find one, join an internship program for a few months. Don’t be bothered about the money you make in the process, it will be none or at least dishearting. But understand that it’s not your salary yet. The time you spend in the internship will hone your skills and will make you ready for your great career ahead.

Joining an internship and completing it will give you practical exposure and much-needed confidence.

Getting an internship is not a big deal. There are several companies today which offer an internship. Go, find, and join one. However, it is simply great if you manage to find an institute that offers this opportunity.

Many good institutes have tie-ups with several companies; you can check this before your enrollment.  Ask them if they take mock interviews and help build a resume for you.

Remember the best digital marketing institute will not only imbibe sound knowledge in you, but it will also boost your confidence and make you ready for a great future ahead.



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