Google Ads (AdWords) PPC Training

Make Google Ads (AdWords) work for you, your business, and for your career. Don’t wait for the right time or the right day to come. It’s the high time you have been waiting for.

Do you know that India alone has over 460 million Internet users to date? And, it is growing every day at a considerably faster pace?

What does that mean to you?

Well, it shows the growth prospects for you as a Google Ads (AdWords) Expert. No matter whether it is for your career or for your business, learning Google Ads (AdWords) has got long-term benefits.

Let me explain it a bit more for you.

Almost 90% of Internet users in India use Google for searching for products, services, and information of their interests. AdWords connects advertisers to this whole lot of internet population. It means Advertisers have and are going to have no choice but to use this robust system of Google to reach out to their potential customers.

This is where your expertise as an expert consultant will help you thrive. As a PPC manager, you have a huge opportunity for growth. You can get into a promising job, strengthen your existing business, or start a full-time online advertising or digital marketing business.

So, isn’t it the right time to get an expert PPC Training?

An overview of course modules:

  • What is Google Ads (AdWords)?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How does it work?
  • Setting up the accounts, creating new campaigns, and ad groups
  • Writing Ad Copies
  • Researching Keywords
  • Key Terms and their applications
  • Bid & Budget Management
  • All available campaigns types
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion tracking, Analytics
  • Using AdWords Tools
  • Advanced campaign optimization strategies
  • Performance Analysis
  • Reporting

Bonus: Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads Overview

Note that it’s a beginner to advanced level of one-to-one training. The course will be structured to suit the level of your familiarity with digital marketing and Google Ads.

PS. Only serious people who want to learn.

How long will it take?

About 35 hours

How much does it cost?

Rs. 98,000 + GST ($1300 USD)

How to get yourself registered for this Google Ads – AdWords training?

Simply, fill in the query form let me know your interest and ask any questions if you have.

When will the training start and at what time?

Once the payment is confirmed, we would mutually discuss the date of training commencement.

Corporate Training or Guest Faculty at Institutes?

Yes, Contact me for more information.

Contact to check availability

Do you know?

  • There are only 90 Premier Partners for Google Ads in entire India, and Ratan Jha, Inc. is one of them.
  • Ratan Jha is one of 21 official Google Ads Gold Level Product Experts in entire English speaking world.
Google Ads Gold Product Expert
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A full-stack Digital Marketing Strategist with over a decade of experience, Ratan Jha has helped brands of every size scale up to the next levels.

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