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SEMrush - Digital Marketing Tool


A suite of tools for SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Competitive Intelligence.… 

  • 143.2K
  • 6.9K
ahrefs tools


Ahrefs offers a collection of several tools which you can use to make your SEO… 

  • 137.8K
  • 7.1K
Campaign URL Builder

Campaign URL Builder

Build UTM parameters easily using this official tool from Google. It builds the… 

  • 125K
  • 8K


SimilarWeb is a digital marketing toolset which is rich with several features.… 

  • 121.8K
  • 7.2K
Tag Assistant for Google Chrome Browser

Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is an Extension for Google Chrome Browser. It lets you… 

  • 117K
  • 7.4K
Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a very useful tool for digital marketing… 

  • 115.2K
  • 9.3K
Report Garden

Report Garden

Running a digital marketing agency? Report Garden will save you hours.… 

  • 114.3K
  • 7.2K
Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Create dashboards, reports, and visualization from your data. The data can be… 

  • 113.8K
  • 6.8K
Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to see the latest trends, data, and visualizations… 

  • 110.3K
  • 7.2K
Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights

A very powerful but underestimated tool for Facebook Marketing. It lets you… 

  • 104.2K
  • 7.1K


Serpstat is a tool for digital marketing research related to SEO, PPC, and… 

  • 87.8K
  • 6.7K


SpyFu is a suite of tools which offers almost all regular features of SEO and… 

  • 58.3K
  • 5.4K


A reporting, monitoring, and workflow platform for agencies. 

  • 16.1K
  • 1.6K


A B2B marketing automation platform by Salesforce. 

  • 12.1K
  • 915


A growth marketing platform for e-commerce, offering ads, email marketing, and… 

  • 5.7K
  • 522

PPC Tools

Succeeding with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns needs a data-driven approach. You can't be making wild guesses and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Can you?

You need to collect and analyze relevant data to support your strategies. And to make it possible, you must be using better PPC Tools that make things easier and efficient for you. Here are some of the hand-picked PPC Tools which we have used ourselves. Hope it's helpful for you too.

Know a tool that is not listed here? Would you let us know?


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All tools listed here have been used by us some point or the other.