Now Manage Google TrueView Ads Right From AdWords Interface

AdWords trueview

TrueView Ads can now be managed from the AdWords interface only. What does that mean to you?

Well, it brings in the simplicity of a single interface which offers a better and more consistent user experience. You can find and create your video campaigns simply by clicking the same +Campaign button which you use to create Search, Display or Shopping campaigns.

Moreover, you can work with bulk management tools to save your time and efforts while working with your TrueView campaigns.

Here’s where it appears in the AdWords interface –

AdWords TrueView Video

What is that (Old) Online Video option?

This option allows you to create video campaigns for the old interface if you have not already upgraded to the new interface.  However, it is advisable to upgrade your video campaigns before Oct 12, 2015. On this very date, Google will start forcing upgrades for old interface video campaigns.

What happens to my old video campaigns after the upgrade?

Your existing video campaigns and all your performance data including statistics, settings, targeting criteria, and remarketing lists will be carried over to the upgraded view. Guess what! You will not lose anything. All your data will available for you to access even in the upgraded view.

Need to know more? Here’s the official video. Watch it !!!

AdWords trueview

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